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  1. Golden Retriever Training
    First and foremost, i took Beau to the park for the second time today, right after going to the vet. The first time we went, a few weeks ago, there were no dogs and only a couple people. Today was beautiful outside so there were 15+ kids and about 10 dogs! The youngin' we brought with us...
  2. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Charlie has TDI & CGC testing coming up in 2 weeks. We've been training a couple times a day in a variety of locations to prepare for it. The leaving food test....does he have to completely ignore it or just leave it? I really want him to pass but if he doesn't i guess I can consider...
  3. Golden Retriever Training
    I did a forum search and have been reading old threads for a few hours now, so I'm hoping I don't repeat old stuff, but I have a few questions about the CGC test. 1. How old are most dogs when they take it? I just got interested, and Bogey is 14 months. I want him to get through his first...
1-3 of 3 Results