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  1. Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hello All!!! I received amazing advice and thoughts about taking time off work to welcome our puppy home and would love to hear thoughts on introducing our puppy to our cat! We will be bringing home a new ball of fluff (hopefully) in early July (breeding to take place in March). I have started...
  2. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hi! I want to adopt a Golden Retriever when it's 7-8 weeks old. However, I already have 2 cats living in the house. One of them is 2 and a half years old, and the other is 3 and a half. My cats are not aggressive, and they get along well. They chase each other sometimes, and I thought the dog...
  3. Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    I just rescued a 2-3 year old golden. She was found abandoned in a backyard, they say she had babies within the past 3 months. If she has a toy and my cats come too close she begins to growl. I believe she has snapped at one of them before when we were out of the room. When I went into the...
  4. Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the site so I apologize in advance for posting improperly if this is the incorrect forum. I have a lot of critters and I love each and every one of them, but my golden/lab cross does not fit our low-key lifestyle and I'm not sure what to do. We adopted her from a young...
  5. Other Pets
    Sarah- 17 years, my very first pet. Itty One- 7 years, found as a feral kitten & tamed. Mr. Stripey- unknown age, rescued, kicked out of his home after a divorce and the wife couldn't have him at her new apartment. Kei- around 10 months, found at a junkyard as a kitten. Baya-...
  6. Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    I know there's been many posts on humping, and also on dogs living with cats, but I didn't find any answers there for our particular case. Our 11.5 week-old female puppy has been humping our legs occasionally (when she's excited) and also tries to do it to the cats. She tries to climb on...
  7. Other Pets
    Sorry if this has already been asked, I couldn't find it. Does anyone here also have cats? How did you introduce the new puppy to your cats? Looking for tips and tricks to make things go smoother when it's time to introduce the new GR puppy to my two 4-year old cats, and also to help them...
  8. Suzy the doxies and cat Emily

    The animals that share my heart and my life.
  9. Dusty at the Rainbow Bridge

    The animals that share my heart and my life.
  10. Suzy Bandit and Dusty

    The animals that share my heart and my life.
  11. Sweet Dusty and Suzy

    Dusty I miss you so much!!!
  12. Bandit the sundog

    The animals that share my heart and my life.
1-12 of 12 Results