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  1. Crazy Cat Attacks Trash Bag

    Other Pets
    Our home used to be a safe haven for plastic bags. We'd hang a plastic bag in the kitchen to collect recyclables. It would last for weeks. Grocery bags would safely collect in the pantry until we had enough to bring them back to be recycled. Trash bags stayed whole. Then, a few weeks ago...
  2. Pet Harness and Flea Collars

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Interesting news expose on safety testing of popular harness and flea collars for dogs and cats. OnlineTV | Marketplace Story said only 1 of the 15 harnesses tested passed. Haven't seen any 2014 test results but the website has the SleepyPod ClickIt as the 2013 product of the year. Center...
  3. Introducing puppy to aggressive cat - HELP!

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hello... My partner and I are big animal lovers and have always wanted a cat and a golden retriever. Last year we adopted Dolly, our lovely tabby cat who has just turned one years old. She was always very well behaved but over the last few months she has been getting more and more aggressive -...
  4. Needing advice about a new member...

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    3 is the limit. I have 3 big dogs and that's my limit on pets. Or at least it was.... I was driving downtown to pay a school bill and its mid rush hour, I noticed a car in front of me slow down like maybe they were looking for a house or they were going to park... no big deal I'm calm and...
  5. Teaching puppy to be gentle with cat?

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    We have a 9 month old golden (Cooper!) that we adopted about a month ago. We have another golden (8 yo female) and an outside cat (a stray that adopted our porch about 2 years ago). Before we adopted Cooper, we were working on transitioning the kitty to be an inside cat. Our 8 year old golden...
  6. No more wet food

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    Hey kitty people, My little furball is Murray and he's turning 2 next month. So our little guy had A LOT of issues with throwing up ... :yuck: I should probably explain his food. We are transitioining him from Authority to Purina Pro Adult Cat and we've been doing that slowly, gradually and he...
  7. Daisy the Protector Dog and Piney

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    Merry Christmas from Daisy the Protector Dog and her cat friend, Piney. Who's been naughty or nice? Daisy is the iconic Golden Retriever depicted in a children's book, "Daisy the Protector Dog" by Heather L. Nelson. Check out the youtube video, and Daisy the Protector Dog - Home
  8. Naughty Or Nice?  Merry Christmas

    Naughty Or Nice? Merry Christmas

    Daisy the Protector Dog and her cat friend, Piney, visiting Santa
  9. Ghostbuster'n


    Lazer-eyes Vs Catergheist!
  10. Petra 5 yrs. with Jasmine, our kitty

    Petra 5 yrs. with Jasmine, our kitty

    Petra and her little friend 2012
  11. Big Bar Bar (arya)

    Big Bar Bar (arya)

  12. Arya With Tabby

    Arya With Tabby

    Arry and the Tabs
  13. Arya With Tabby

    Arya With Tabby

    Arya - 8 month old Golden Retriever Tabby - 9 year old Tabby cat
  14. Cats & dogs

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    We've always had Goldens and cats. ATM we have Cody (2yo) our golden boy & 3 cats; smudge our Manx boy (5yo), and two tabby girls, Hickey (1yo) & Mars (8mths). The dog and cats seem to have a mutual admiration society with both tabbies coming to cuddle up with Cody when he was so very sick...
  15. Fromm for Kitties... She doesn't like it!

    Other Pets
    Anyone feed Fromm to their cat? We just picked up a 5 lb. bag of Salmon a la Veg for our cat, Charlotte. She is by no means a picky eater but she didn't seem very interested in the new food. She's been leaving behind the Fromm in her bowl and only eating her Purina Pro Plan.:doh: She has been...
  16. 014


    Max is our male G.T, he is approx. 14 onths old in this picture. He is sitting with our cat "Puppy".
  17. Saturn, Symbah, Daidai The Cat And The Minirex Bunny.

    Saturn, Symbah, Daidai The Cat And The Minirex Bunny.

    See! We can all get along! Why can't the nations!
  18. Dominance war...

    Golden Retriever Behavioral Problems & Issues
    There's a dominance war going on between Mia and our cat Willow since a week after Mia came home on Nov. 9th They both try to be the dominant one, but don't "speak the same language" so this is an ongoing thing and is getting a little tiring... Mia is trying to be dominating by humping Willow...
  19. Introducing puppy to cats

    Other Pets
    Sorry if this has already been asked, I couldn't find it. Does anyone here also have cats? How did you introduce the new puppy to your cats? Looking for tips and tricks to make things go smoother when it's time to introduce the new GR puppy to my two 4-year old cats, and also to help them...
  20. Puppy meets cat

    Puppy meets cat