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  1. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Ordinarily I wouldn't post on this forum about a cartoon that isn't specifically about Goldens, but when Jim George sent me today's cartoon it made me stop in my tracks. Just yesterday, I wrote an article elsewhere about my long gone dog, Misty, and how after 15 years of defending her against...
  2. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Each cartoon at is supposed to be inspired by a real dog, but when Jim George gets a funny idea, he just has to let it out. I'm not sure today's cartoon is scientifically accurate, but you never know. Stop by the home page and see what I mean...
  3. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    If I have typos in this post, it's because I can't stop laughing. You have to stop by and see the full color - yes, color - cartoon Jim George just did in an attempt to capture the spirit and personality of Goldens. It's one in a new series of breed-specific cartoons. You can...
  4. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Two (very smart) Goldens inspired this weekend's home page cartoon. It's very funny.
  5. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    What are some of the strangest things you've ever seen your dog do at your back door (i.e. trying to get back in the house)? Jim is looking for inspiration. In case you don't already know, is a site on which Jim George draws one cartoon a day inspired by a real dog (and the dog...
1-5 of 5 Results