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  1. My Maya is diagnosed of brain cancer

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Dear GRF family, I joined this forum and followed the journey of many goldens since when my first golden baby Maya was one year old back in 2013. I rarely post but I shared laughters and tears with many of you. Today I’m give the most dreadful news and I can think of no other place to turn to...
  2. Hemangiosarcoma Treatment Info

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hi all, I recently joined this site after my dog passed away from hemangiosarcoma at eight years old. My mom and I live in Lake Tahoe, and we frequently took our pup for swim time in the lake. To give you a timeline, on Thursday he walked three miles with us and swam for quite some time. On...
  3. FidoCure to tailor chemo

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Col is seven. Late November 2019, she had a major respiratory problem (pleural effusion). She was then effusion-free until March when fluid had to be drained again. Having exhausted all the possibilities that imaging and fluid analysis could give us, she had a laparoscopic pleura biopsy earlier...
  4. It does seem that studies indicate a difference in cancer rates between American and European GRs

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Let me start by saying I am not advocating that everyone rush out and get an "English Cream". Unless, of course, you live in the UK or Europe and have access to the same level of health histories on well-bred GRs that are available in the USofA via OFA/K9Data. Edit: Tangrenine correctly...
  5. Medical Concerns with bloodwork.

    Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    Hello, I recently just joined. I rescued my golden about 10 years ago. They had her listed as a year old. She is a great dog but a medical nightmare. She had a nodular melanoma, that I found on her back foot, a couple weeks after adopting her. It was removed and that has not reoccurred. She is...
  6. Fibrosarcoma Maxilla (upper jaw)

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hi all, My almost 8 year old golden retriever Hobbs was just diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma in his upper jaw. We’ve seen an oncologist and our treatment options include surgery to remove part of his jaw that may give him 1 to 2 years with substantial recovery, or 5 weeks of radiation treatment...
  7. Golden with small cell intestinal T-cell lymphoma, associated with chronic enteritis/IBD

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Our sweet 8 yr old boy was just diagnosed with small cell intestinal T-cell lymphoma, associated with chronic enteritis/IBD, which is more common in cats. Wondering if there is anyone out there who has a dog with this diagnosis? Or who knows anything about it? We are having a hard time finding...
  8. Trixie

    Member Introductions
    Hello - I have not posted before today and was told that I need to post or possibly be deleted. So, here it goes. Trixie is my 3rd Golden Retriever. She is almost 10 months old. She is very much a puppy. We take daily walks, we attended puppy kindergarten and we have gone to other...
  9. Cancer in 4.5 Y/O Male

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hello Everyone! I am new to the forum. Our beautiful, lovable 4.5 y/o boy was recently diagnosed with cancer. The vet thinks it was localized to his rib cage and we are waiting on final biopsy results to ensure that it has not spread. We did go ahead with surgery as he was very uncomfortable...
  10. NJ and PA Breeder/Pedrigree help

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi, I started the process of housing hunting about 7 months ago and I am looking for a reputable breeder that has a litter coming in the next 6 months-year (or longer, I'm willing to wait for the right dog/breeder). I grew up with a Golden but this will be the first of my own. I read tons of...
  11. Rescuing a Golden with Terminal Cancer

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hello, everyone! My name is Emily, and I have found myself in a unique situation: At 23 years old, I have decided to adopt a terminally ill (ex-service) Golden Retriever, Annie, who was abandoned after her grim cancer diagnosis at the age of 10 years old. If anyone has experience with caring...
  12. Nasal Tumor - squamous cell carcinoma

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hi all, I’m new to this site having found it doing some research on the recent diagnosis I received for my eldest golden baby. Charlee is 13 years and 1 month old and was experiencing an occasional nose bleed. It happened about 5 times and was minimal blood. I initially thought his younger...
  13. Effects of Ketogenic Diets in Canine Cancer

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    A long watch, however extremely worthwhile IMHO. This study and approach deals with many cancers and specifically hemangiosarcoma which is felling so many of our precious companions. The first half hour of this video is pertinent to dogs, the balance to humans.
  14. Hemangiosarcoma / a new hope EBAT

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Since a couple of weeks, I am dealing with so many health problems of my own and other dogs I rescued. None of them GR but English Cocker Spaniel. My own girl, another one I rescued from another city was diagnosed with cancer ( they are not even very sure which type ) on the same day, the next...
  15. Subcutaneous Mast Cell Cancer

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    Hi everyone. It has been ages since I last posted. Skye is 3 now and will be 4 in December. About 2 months ago I noticed a lump right on top of Skye's left wrist joint. I took her to the vet that week, where I was assured it didn't seem like a tumor, especially because Skye was acting like she...
  16. fatal cancer in 10-month-old golden

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    My sister's 10-month old golden went from being perfectly fine last Sunday, limping Monday, dragging back leg on Thursday, to unable to walk on Friday. Met with a neurologist (Dr. Cameron at Sage in Redwood City, CA--she was great) on Friday, had an MRI that afternoon. MRI showed incredibly...
  17. Looking for opinions- my dog needs a second surgery

    Golden Retriever Senior Center
    Hello! This is my first time to the forums so I'll take a quick second to introduce myself and my dog-- I'm 24 and married my husband 2 years ago, my husband has had our golden retriever since he was a puppy and he's now 13 years old. His name is Midas. He is such a joy in our lives and is an...
  18. oral melanoma... silver lining.

    Cancer Information for Golden Retrievers
    I want to give some of you all hope regarding a melanoma diagnosis. At age 7 our loving fur baby maggie was diagnosed with melanoma. we found it on the tip of her nose. We were referred to an oncologist, who provided us with scary statistics and expensive vaccine options. Money was tight...
  19. New drug to treat HSA increase survival time???

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
  20. Do not buy from redog goldens/becky hayes

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    I got my beautiful golden retriever from Redog Golden Retrievers in Boulder, CO from a Becky Hayes. Last year at 3yrs old Kadies health started declining, it began with her eyes becoming extremely foggy out of no where. The vet assumed allergies so she was put on antibiotics and the symptoms...