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  1. Golden Retriever Videos
    Sorry Url wasn't working for my last post! Apologises!
  2. Golden Retriever Training
    Crate Training-Naps and Before Bedtime We recently brought our Kaya home, he is now 10 weeks. We also have a 9 year old golden. We have been crate training Kaya night & putting him in his pen if we are gone for the whole day. He likes to nap by his big brother & also by the back door. He...
  3. Golden Retriever Pictures
    Charlie was born June 2, 2008. Jesse was born May 28, 2010. They are from the same mom & dad :) Charlie is my dog, Jesse is my mom's dog (she decided to get him because she fell in love with Charlie) Charlie taught Jesse how to beg... sleepy Charlie & sleepy Jesse... They love to play...
1-3 of 3 Results