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breeder in california

  1. Pastiche Kennels/ Promise Goldens Central California

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi! Does anyone have any experience with Pastiche kennels in California. It's owned by dog handler Tomara Twigg. They have links to and also seem to be closely linked to promise Goldens as it looks like they co-own some of their dogs. I can't much other information on them online so...
  2. Help finding a reputable breeder in CA

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    I've been looking at breeder lists and posts on this forum a lot lately to help identify reputable golden retriever breeders, but with the pandemic it seems that everyone else has had the same idea. My fiancé and I have reached out to a number of breeders but keep hearing that most have all of...
  3. Looking for a good breeder that is reasonably priced? We live in Northern California.

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi Everyone :) My wife and I were looking for a good trusted breeder in California. We are willing to drive three hours from San Pablo, CA or Sacramento, CA to find a great breeder we can trust. We have noticed a lot of the breeders were asking for 2500+ and we were just wondering if anyone...
  4. Rooster Valley goldens (Modesto) - Reputable?

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    We have been trying to get a puppy for a couple of months now and found one breeder with a puppy available. We found them through the AKC website here: Rooster Valley Golden Retrievers However, we are not able to find any other info on this breeder. can anyone please share any info regarding...
  5. A Promise Kennels

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Anyone heard of A Promise Kennels or get a golden from there? Their website is A PROMISE KENNELS Do you recommend this breeder? Thanks!
  6. Golden Retriever Breeder Northern California

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hello, Anyone recommend a breeder in California/Northern California? I am deciding between two breeders: 1) O'Cribbs Golden Retrievers 2) Autumnwood Golden Retrievers Does anyone have experience with them or recommend any other breeders in California? I really appreciate it!
  7. Southern California Breeder Recommendation?

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi all- We are looking into possibly adopting a Golden puppy in the next few months, and I am a bit overwhelmed with the number of breeders that I have found online alone. Some I'm sure are good, and some not as much. I have researched and read about checking clearances and visits and such, but...
  8. Looking for a puppy. What do you think about our living situation?

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi, I'm looking for a puppy to join our family. I was excited about finding a puppy but it doesn't work well for now. Can someone help me to figure out what I can do next for having a dog from a good breeder? Or what's wrong with me...? I contacted 3 breeders but I'm starting to be afraid that...
  9. So. Cal. Litter in June-July?

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    There's no easy way to lose your best friend! But, if I had to choose the way it would happen, I would choose it to happen after a long healthy life as it did for my best friend, Joey, which gives me great comfort. He didn't die too young. He wasn't sick for a long time. He didn't suffer...
  10. Looking for SoCal Breeders with Upcoming Litters

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    Hi! Newbie here. I had a Golden growing up and have always loved them and longed to own one as an adult. Now I have the house and yard and am so excited to be able to finally fulfill my wish! Does anyone know of any litters available in the near future from a reputable breeder in the SoCal area...
  11. A Breeder for a Golden Retriever in SoCal

    Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    :wavey: I was looking around the internet for a golden retriever breeder in California for months already however I haven't gone to any since I am currently abroad in Rome for a educational opportunity hence my inability to go and check out the breeders myself. I've filled out some...