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  1. Meet Best Selling Author and Golden Lover David Rosenfelt

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    Hi, My name is Kelly Larson and I am with the Franklin County Humane Society in NC. Our group is fortunate enough to have been selected by best selling author David Rosenfelt for his national book signing tour. Mr. Rosenfelt writes legal thrillers and some non-fiction books about dogs...
  2. Book suggestions

    Chit Chat
    Hey all, I am joining a book club and I need to come up with a list of maybe 5ish books to bring to the table. I tend to read books off reference since I don't keep up to date on new books coming out. I am reading hunger games on my own right now so that book is out. Here is the list of books...
  3. Great Dog Books

    Chit Chat
    I am an avid reader and have a soft spot for books about dogs. If you like to read and haven't already picked up these books you need to do it NOW! :) Marley and Me Dog Years (Amazing! And about a golden) The Art of Racing in the Rain (the dog is the narrator - how cool!) Merle's Door...