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  1. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    So my wife and I just moved to Oahu with our 3 year old golden Pretzel! We previously lived in Iowa so quite a change. Just curious on any tips people have as our boi loves the out doors and the water. But I’m concerned about him and all the salt water, the crazy amount of sand I just had to...
  2. Golden Retriever Pictures
    I took Scout to the beach this morning, I think it's safe to say it's her favorite place! She didn't want to get out of the water... even after 2 and a half hours. It was a beautiful day, I can't believe it's February and we did this... Southern California is amazing.
  3. Golden Retriever Events
    2020 is zipping right along and our two super-fun golden events will be here before you know it. The Dewey's Golden Jubilees are held not only for fun but to benefit the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study. Held in super dog-friendly Dewey Beach, DE, last year we had over 400 goldens enjoying...
  4. Golden Retriever Events
    HI I just wanted to make you all aware that it is time for the 2019 Spring Dewey's Golden Jubilee in beautiful dog-friendly Dewey Beach, DE. The event is May 10-12. Check out Surf, Sand, and Sun (we hope). Where else can you take your golden(s) and let them run...
  5. Chuck At The Beach

    Chasing after his favorite orange ball.
  6. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Thought I'd start a thread for my crazy monkey aka Murphy and test Danny's tech assistance. I think I only half did it correctly. hmmmm Our Sunday morning walk turned into an adventure where Murphy decided he was getting his own yule log. Now if I only could figure out how to erase my voice...
  7. Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Well our snowfall warnings for the weekend, resulting in barely a mm or two of snow in our area but it sure was a horrible weekend. Poor Murphy - he's 20 wks today and we've had insane weather with only pockets of sunshine since he came home in early Dec. He's not going to know what to do with...
  8. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hi Everyone, haven't been visiting much of late but call pass and have a look sometimes... just wanted to share and celebrate my beautiful princess Asha's 12 birthday with you all. She is slowing up with arthritis, but is still the one to line up first at the door for a walk.. even though its a...
  9. Golden Retriever Health, Anatomy & Breed Standard
    She drank some ocean water today after playing at the beach. Came home and was super thirsty. Finally threw up water and had liquid diarrhea. She is still asking for more water. Her tummy is hard but not distended and her gums are more pale than usual. Called the vet tech who conferred with a...
  10. Funny Day By The Sea.

    Great time at Hornbaek Beach in Denmark. October 1st 2012.
  11. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    We just returned home from our first one week vacation trip with Maizie - who is 9 1/2 months. Before I left I had combed this forum for travel tips and found some good ideas. Since it is vacation time for many people, thought I'd share some things that might help others. 1. We started...
  12. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    I really don't know how I got here. All I know is I was taking a nap in the car, then Jim and Paola got the bikes, and we got there. This wass something I had never seen, heard, or smelled before. It was big, there was noisy water, weird birds, and a soft kind of dirt. The water was playing...
  13. Tally

    Goldiva's Tangled Up In Blue at five months
  14. Ljilly28's Goldens

    Tally- Goldiva's Tangled Up In Blue- at 5 months
  15. Doggies at the Beach

    My shy girl having her picture taken with a beautiful background
  16. Doggies at the Beach

    Kill it! kill that frisbee, Mister!!
  17. Doggies at the Beach

    One of the few good body profiles I have of Mister.
  18. Doggies at the Beach

    Mister flying towards the camera
  19. Doggies at the Beach

    Here's Cooper, my last foster. He was a fantastic little guy and now lives in West Hartoford, CT.
1-20 of 23 Results