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  1. Bailey 2005 Celtic Festival Blessing Of The Animals

    Bailey 2005 Celtic Festival Blessing Of The Animals

  2. Bailey


    Bailey young and muddy ~1997
  3. Our Dogs

    Our Dogs

    Princess, Lab-Pointer, age 12 Bailey, age 3 Maggie, age 8
  4. Chasing the Light

    Golden Retriever Videos
    Bailey is now 3 months old and still very curious
  5. Bailey hitting the bottle

    Golden Retriever Videos
    sorry for my daughters colourful language at the end :) I like the placing of this video when it is posted next to
  6. Bailey and the water snake

    Golden Retriever Videos
    she adores water :) 11 weeks old and totally loopy
  7. I'm a Chicken?

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    Bailey pretending to be a chicken, or is it a Fox?
  8. The Appliance of Science

    Golden Retriever Videos
    Take delivery of a 12kg bag of puppy food and the puppy eats the box, isn't that just typical.
  9. The Milk Bar

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    I found a few pictures of Bailey and her siblings while she was still with her very tolerant mum Bramble so I thought I'd indulge myself and post them ;) and Baileys latest video production
  10. 10 weeks and oh so proud

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    Bailey is just the Queen lol she is very proud of everything she does even if it's wrong! she has a slight problem with runny eyes but that should soon clear up, if not she is due to see the vet soon anyway.
  11. Bailey Doing The Dusting

    Bailey Doing The Dusting

    Bailey doing the dusting @ 10 weeks old
  12. Ice Ice Bailey

    Golden Retriever Videos
    1st time Bailey has played with ice cubes :) I'm really pleased with the video quality the Canon SX230HS camera is giving me.
  13. Any thoughts on Puppy insurance (UK)

    Golden Retrievers - Main Discussion
    Bailey is now 10 weeks old and is covered by the Kennel club 4 week insurance so it's time to start looking for long term insurance. We had Sadie insured with DirectLine but it was costing over £90/month at the end and with the excess set at £45 we often couldn't claim anything back for the one...
  14. Latest pics of Bailey

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    I've added a few more images to Baileys blog if you would like to see her.
  15. Sadie, 15 years of friendship

    Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge
    a reminder for myself of a lady that was a large part of my life and my families life. This is Sadie who passed away in April 2011 at the grand age of 15 years
  16. Bailey at 8 weeks

    Golden Retriever Pictures
    1st day home with Bailey our new GR puppy. She is a born poser taken on a Canon SX230HS compact p&s camera using manual exposure and fill in flash. Just to prove a point I left the 5D MkII and 1D MkIV bodies in the camera bag :)
  17. Bailey At 8 Weeks

    Bailey At 8 Weeks

    Bailey at 8 weeks, our 1st day with her.
  18. Bailey And Her Mum Bramble

    Bailey And Her Mum Bramble

    Bailey and her mum Bramble
  19. Bailey And Sisters

    Bailey And Sisters

    Bailey and some of her family
  20. Bailey


    Bailey 5 weeks old