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atopic dermatitis

  1. Skin infection!

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    Hello everyone! I'm abhiram, owner of LOUIS(1.4yrs old-GR) from INDIA. Since months he has been suffering with skin infection. I took him to the near by doctors and got him diagnosed. well the result of the diagnosis is ATOPIC DERMATITIS (superior pyoderma)...
  2. Enviro Allergy Itch .. Itch ... Itch !

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    Is your Itchy DOG [ Allergy] SAD ? Flea / Skin Mites / Food Allergy = No. Enviro Pollens / Dust Mites / Molds = 80+% Yes ! Make Fighting 15 Itchy Enviro Allergies Doggy GOO > GOO-Licious Treat FUN ! }} Doggy GOO Hello Retriever - sters …. And Thank You for your Kind Welcome. My name is...