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  1. Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes
    Our golden retriever, Oscar, just celebrated his 11th birthday. Two years ago he seemed like a old man, easily fatigued and occasionally confused and spaced out. After years of exuberant vitality peppered with many, many bouts of diarrhea, increasingly troublesome allergy symptoms and arthritic...
  2. Golden Retriever Senior Center
    Hi everyone, My name is Elizabeth. I have a golden retriever named Corduroy. He is about to turn 10. It seems like just in the last few weeks, Corduroy's health has diminished. He is my first dog, so I guess Im just confused as to what to expect as they get older. We hike ever day and he used to...
  3. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hello. We have never been fortunate enough to have a golden that lived this long, but our dog is now 12- still happy and healthy, but now having difficulty jumping on our bed- which is a pure delight for us and for her. Has anyone had experience with buying a dog ramp or doggie steps to help a...
1-3 of 3 Results