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  1. General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    We live in Falmouth Maine and recently lost our nearly 13 year old GR. We live on 4 acre farm,and are looking for a young to full adult GR. We have no animals and a wonderful home and yard for another Golden. Bruce
  2. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hello! This is random. But my golden retriever is expected to only reach 55 pounds and I was curious if anyone else had a small golden and if they could send a pic of what their pup looks like? I’m curious to see what that looks like! Thank you!
  3. Golden Retriever Pictures
    Where does the time go!? Killian will be 5 next month, his face is starting to get more white (que the crying), but still very puppy like. My life has been just that much better with my Golden boy, like all Golden people understand. Happy Saturday Golden Lovers!
  4. Jake

    This is my Jake. He passed away on 1/12/2020. He was a handsome boy who we rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia, back in 2007. He may have not been the perfect show dog, and often would have slobber hanging down from his mouth on to the floor after a walk, but he was an angel sent from above. He...
  5. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    I have grown up with goldens in my family all my life and I am now ready to adopt my own. I am looking to adopt a young adult golden, either male or female. I live in New Haven and I am willing to drive throughout southern New England. Looking for recommendations for rescue organizations or...
  6. Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes
    Hi! I am transitioning my 10 month old golden girl from Royal Canine Golden Puppy Chiot to Royal Canine Golden Adult Chiot, and I'm kind of confused on the amount to give her during a 24 hour period. Her puppy food calls for 3 1/2 cups, where as her new adult food calls for 5 1/8 cups. Should...
  7. General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    My husband and I would like to adopt an older Golden. We have reached out to several breeders as well as social media sites without success. Any suggestions on how we can narrow our search to find our furever family member? Thank you!
  8. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hey guys! Eleanor just turned 16 weeks on Saturday and she has grown so much since I brought her home at 7 weeks. I've met her mother and seen her dad and yet sometimes I have a hard time picturing her as an adult! I'm curious to see pictures of your Goldens from puppyhood to adulthood. :p:
  9. Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi All :) Monty, my fluffy very energetic pup is now 8 1/2 months old. I've been feeding him Arden Grange Large Breed Puppy since I got him at 8 weeks. He loves it and it's great but now I'm in the limbo of changing him to adult or continue with it till his 1st birthday. He gets two meals a day...
  10. End Of Big Sisters Day

    Casey --happy she is Queen of the Realm again for a few minutes.
  11. Golden Retriever Training
    Hello everyone, This is my first post and I have a few questions to ask before I adopt a 14 month old golden retriever. - Is it possible to crate train him from scratch? I understand he had some basic training, but not crate training. It is crucial he learns to stay put when inside for a few...
  12. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Six weeks is long enough to go without a Golden around! Our ten year old Golden succumbed to a neurological disease that caused him to lose function of his hind legs and bowels. Is progressed rapidly and he went from being normal at the beginning of June to not being able to walk by the end of...
  13. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    I need another Golden, aftertheloseof Sammy, outhouse is so sad, lonely...hoping to find a1-4 yr. Old Golden...hard to
  14. Choosing A Golden Retriever Breeder & Puppy
    hello! my family, the 6 of us, are searching for a new family friend! Our number one pick would be a female, english golden retriever around the ages of 8mths-2 years old. we really like the boxy look of there faces and the beautiful cream colored coat. We have been all over the internet...
  15. Golden Retriever Pictures
    :wave: I'm not sure if I uploaded the pictures correctly?
  16. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    We have been transitioning Koda over to her adult food slowly. She is on her third week of transitioning. She has done great so far, loves the adult food much more. She tends to leave the puppy food when it falls out of her ball. Anyways...she is now getting 1.75 cups of adult and .5 of puppy...
  17. Leonidas And Maximus

    THAT is a happy dog!
  18. Leonidas And Maximus

    This is Maximus, My 2 year old baby.
  19. Golden Retriever Nutrition, Feeding & Recipes
    Cap is almost 6 months old and I still feed him 3 meals a day. He seemed bored with his Science Diet Lg Breed puppy so I switched to Science Diet adult a few weeks ago. It's smaller bites, which he loves. My breeder suggested switching to adult food at 6 months, the vet says 9mo-1yr, a dog food...
1-19 of 19 Results