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  1. Golden Retriever - You've Adopted or Rescued
    Hi golden family! I'm Chloe and I live in Los Angeles. I currently own a puppy mill dog. Let me back track a little and tell you how I got here! My husband and I were looking to adopt a dog. Now seemed like a good time to do it, since our 8 month son was just starting zoom around crawling...
  2. Golden Retriever Rainbow Bridge
    Hi, my name is Gus, and i will tell you a little about Papo, my 10 year old golden whom i lost yesterday to cancer.... along with this post, i have sum questions i hope someone can answer or ease my pain.. i got papo when he was 2 months old, maybe less, out of about 12 puppies, they were all...
  3. My New Golden, Renny

    Adopted/rescued from Franklin County Dog Shelter in Columbus OH
  4. Golden Retrievers Main Discussion
    Hi all, I was doing a great amount of research about golden retrievers and babies and I come across this lovely website. I'm glad I found, I've got lots of questions. Me and my wife have adopted an adult golden retriever about a year ago. He's a boy, around one and a half years old when we got...
  5. General Golden Retriever Rescue Forum
    Some of you may remember the thread where Charlie was looking for a new home: and the thread where transport was set up...
  6. Golden Retriever Training
    Training adopted older dogs I am considering adopting a Golden age 6 months- 2 years. In my experience it is better to start training at an early age when they are very willing and eager to learn new things and you can encourage willingness to please. I am looking for a dog that will be a...
1-6 of 6 Results