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5 months

  1. Teething

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi! Our 5 month old pup is losing teeth left and right. The last day or two, he's been salivating a lot, it's bloody from losing the teeth, he's licking and swallowing a lot, he had a little white foam on his upper lip today, his stool has been not normal and he was up all night last night. It...
  2. Show me your pup at 5mo :)

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi guys! I’ve seen SO many different ranges and speeds of growth in goldens and I’d love to see pictures of your pups in the 5-6 month range :)
  3. Benadryl for puppy?

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi all! I have had to give my 5mo puppy Benadryl a couple of times due to allergies/stuffy nose, but both times he's had an odd reaction and I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience. An hour or two after taking it, he gets extremely antsy and panicky and can't seem to relax. He...
  4. 5mo waking up at 4 am

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Hi everyone! My 5month old golden, Diesel, has decided that 4 am is his time to wake up. Originally when he was younger, we let him out to go potty once when he barked at night, but soon learned that he didn't actually need to go. Now we just ignore him but he barks constantly from 4:00 until...
  5. Leaving my 5 month old for vacation

    Golden Retriever Training
    hi guys, Im just new to this forum, and i want to ask if its ok for me to leave my dog for a two week vacation? in our daily routine we always leave him for 4-6 hours a day because of our job. i ask somebody to feed him 2 times a day (which we normally do) and play with him when we are away...
  6. Puppy Weight

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    We have a 4 1/2 month old Golden Retriever. We're told she is a "Field" Retriever which I guess means she's slightly smaller and skinnier than other Goldens? Her mom & dad were definitely on the lanky side & not as fluffy as other goldens I've seen. Anyways, she only weighs about 22 pounds or so...
  7. Few questions

    Golden Retriever Puppy (up to 1 year)
    Just a few questions to guage where we are at with Koda. She will be 5 months next week!! Just wondering when those of you who began feeding their pups 3 times a day weened them down to two? We are fine keeping it at 3 for now but just wanted to get a sense of when we should back down to two...
  8. Cofi At 5 Months

    Cofi At 5 Months