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Arrow GRF Board Rules & Registration Agreement

General information about posts/thread and account on GRF

This general information statement is to make all members of Golden Retriever Forum aware that we do not delete posts or threads (unless it is unwanted commercial advertising = "Spam"). Please think before you post as anything you post will leave a digital footprint for LIFE. Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately by using the "report post" button.

Also we do not delete any users accounts. Requests for having a members account "closed" will no longer be accepted, unless in cases that poses as a security risk to the user(s).

Board Rules for Golden Retriever Forum

1. Members are prohibited from conducting any criminal activities through the forum & chat. – Soliciting of criminal acts, distribution of “how to” information, sale or movement of illegally obtain items, etc. are some examples of violations. Though the reasoning and intent behind this rule is quite obvious, identifying it with all clarity could prove a bit illusive in some instances. Example: Where humorously intentioned flirting could be confused with actual solicitation of sexual favors for money. It should then be realized that all such ambiguous situations could very well be subjected to a criminal activity interpretation by forum management team and dealt with as such.

2. Members shall refrain from the use of vulgar language and obscenities. – We recognize no individual word used, in and of itself, can constitute a moral evil alone but rather it’s when words are assembled into sentences that form ideas that it has the potential to become truly offensive and vulgar. However certain individual words are nevertheless considered highly offensive to the majority of the English language speakers and in recognition of this fact, a small list of those words are maintained and that can be only accessed by GRF Administrators , and will be used to identify and assist in keeping those highly offensive words from appearing on the forum. Any attempt to bypass the board filter of vulgar words by manipulating a word so as to have a form of it appear on the board may result in sanctions against your account from the GRF management team. Keep in mind that many words which are usually quite innocent, can also be used in a vulgar fashion. Thus many individual words not contained on the list per se will have to be assessed as to their offensive nature by actual usage by the GRF Management team. Pictures that are openly posted onto GRF that contain offensive vulgar language or obscenities will not be permitted as well. Any such pictures posted will be reviewed and/or removed by the GRF Management team. Any links to another web site posted onto GRF that are reported to have vulgar, obscene or offensive language or pictures may also be removed.

3. Members shall neither stalk nor harass any other forum / chat-room member. – Anyone found sending unsolicited PMs to another forum member after specifically being notified by the recipient to cease doing so, is guilty of harassment or stalking. What is harder to identify is harassment as it pertains to the open forum. When a trend becomes apparent that one member is constantly posting challenges or annoyances to another member, this pattern of behavior could then possibly be deemed harassment or stalking and therefore must cease.

4. Members are not to engage in spamming or any personal/business advertising without permission. – Unsolicited advertising , junk mail, "spamming," chain letters for self-promotion for monetary gain is not permitted, which may also include links to your sales oriented websites or informational sites that also contain sales or personal/business advertising. This applies not only to the body of a posting but also to member’s signatures, thread titles, Home Page, images, sounds, PMs, emails through this website, etc. . Links that connect to websites will not be considered unauthorized solicitations unless the link or the website content appears to be intended as a means of personal solicitation/monetary gains of a GRF member as determined by GRF Forum Management Team and/or the VerticalScope Inc. in its sole discretion. Watermarks will be permitted in photographs. Postings for selling, trading or giving away for free of medications (over the counter or prescriptions) as well as any food/treat items will not be permitted.

Members that are breeders shall not post links to their websites on the forum or in signatures. (Breeder links posted by other members looking for only breeder verification purposes is acceptable). No Member or breeders will post for any kind of breeding, stud services, discussions of proposed puppy/dog availability or sales. There will also be no open board discussions of accepting applications, pricing, and other breeder business information (such as web links, e-mail addresses or phone numbers) relevant to their own litters or the intention of ‘trolling’ for puppy buyers determined by the GRF Forum Management Team. Re-homing posts can only be posted if there is no charge or fees for the re-homing of the dog.

Members or breeders may post general announcements and pictures of new litters of puppies, as well share any stories of these growing bundle of joy. We just ask these post/pictures are kept to that content of just the litter progress and adventures.

Rescues/Shelters or other Non-Profit organizations are exempted from this rule.

5. Members are not to plagiarize. – Plagiarism is the use of another’s words as your own. Though it is a perfectly acceptable practice to use someone else’s words verbatim, it must be remembered to “quote” those words and to give credit to the source. If more than a few paragraphs are to be quoted, then a link to the website or title of the book, etc, should be provided instead… IOW, full-scale reproductions will be frowned upon and considered inappropriate, as well as possibly being construed as a criminal activity.

6. Members are not to be deceptive. – Intentional lying to deceive the membership will not be tolerated. As an example, pretending to be a vet or other canine professional and offering advice could be very damaging for unsuspecting members. The key phase here is “intentional lying to deceive”… this is an interpretation of one’s intention that will have to be decided by the moderators.

7. Members will refrain from assassinating the character of another. – In heated discussion there is a tendency to malign the character of an opponent. Care must be taken in the wording of all statements of denigration to not single out any individual. An example is instead of saying “You are a liar” (an unacceptable accusation) nearly the same sentiment can be expressed as, “I believe you are mistaken”. Though the foregoing appears to be almost identical in the stated sentiment there is one major difference, the former attacks another’s character of honesty whereas the latter refers to a possible error having been made… this is a BIG distinction in any argument. Also refer to the larger group rather than a single individual when trying to make statements of a derogatory nature. Example: “You are a reckless breeder for not obtaining health certifications before breeding” (this being an example of an unacceptable attack on someone’s character) rather instead use “I feel all breeders who breed their dogs without obtaining health certifications prior is being reckless”. Again, the difference in meaning might seem non-existent but the earlier statement directly attacks a specific individual’s character whereas the latter is an expression of attitude toward a whole class, yet in effect making it understood that “if the shoe fits…”

8. Members are to avoid “Piling-on”. – A “pile-on” consists of a group of members quickly posting short statements of agreement (or disagreement) with an individual during a heated argument for the purpose of intimidation. Statements of support are acceptable in any argument as long as it also adds to the information base of the argument… meaning, another viewpoint or further data or proof is provided in addition to any comment of agreement or disagreement.

9. Members are forbidden to subvert or undermine the forum. - Due to intentional malicious events, this very unusual rule for forum conduct has been created. Our forum has been under attack aimed at its destruction; this type of intimidation will be dealt with zero tolerance. Any single offense to this rule will result in immediate banning. This is about self-preservation and so justifiably will be swift and permanent.

10. Members are not to have, nor create, multiple user identities unless the Forum Management team is made aware of them. - Again, another measure aimed at self-preservation of this forum. This too can be an immediately bannable offense. If multiple identities are necessary in the same household then please immediately inform the forum management team as to which ones are connected to the same IP, otherwise it must be assumed that the 'secret' identity (ies) is (are) being or intend to be used for malicious mischief. There is no legitimate purpose to have many multiple identities that cannot be shared with the forum management team. So all IDs will be banned at the same time upon discovery.

11. Members will refrain from Political Discussions. - Since political discussions are of a nature that leads to many heated arguments and bitter feelings among members on this board the GRF Management Team will no longer allow political discussions. Political discussions were permitted on GRF at one time but in the end were deemed unsuitable for this type of forum. General announcements or suggested changes to laws or regulations pertaining strictly to animals are permitted as long as political discussions or political affiliations are left out. The GRF Forum Management team will close or remove any topic we feel was intentionally or unintentionally started as a political discussion. Ultimately what is determined to be a political discussion will be decided by GRF Forum Management Team in its sole discretion.

12. Members will not post private messages and limit e-mail postings/information. Discussions that have taken place in GRF’s private messaging system should not be posted on the public forum, unless you have received permission from the user involved to post it.If you post an e-mail you received (that is non-confrontational) do not include anyone’s e-mail address, real names, addresses or phone numbers.

13. Members will treat individuals with respect. The Golden Retriever Forum relies on its members to self-monitor in terms of rudeness that is just gratuitous. It is one thing to focus passionately on a topic; it is another thing to call someone an offensive name or to be condescending. We hold golden temperaments on high, so let's see our members be friendly to one another as well, even when disagreements occur. You may respectfully disagree with a member’s point of view but do not assault the member or individual personally, or be rude in your responses. Do not use statements that incite conflicts among members. This could include such things as rehashing conflicts from past or closed topics. Do not make abusive, hateful, harassing, or threatening statements. Do not make statements that are untrue, misleading or based on rumors. Discussions of a breeder’s practice are permitted but keep these discussions as you would “reviewing” any other type of business. No personal attacks on the actual individual, who is the breeder, will be permitted. If a thread starts getting heated, take it to a mod, NOT PUBLIC. Those who do not follow this can be warned, suspended or banned.

14. Members are prohibited in posting threads that may be seeking donations for themselves, other individuals, or web sites (other than non-profits).If members wishes to take on such endeavors this must be done in PM’s or on another site, but not posted on the open forum of GRF. Thread/posts for donation requests that are going directly to a charitable organization can be posted on GRF. Threads/ posts of those that contain other websites that request for solicitation/donations are at the discretion, upon review, for removal by GRF Forum Management Team and/or the VerticalScope Inc.

15. Members are prohibited in posting the following types of threads: Due to the nature of certain threads, and the outcome that usually follows certain threads, we do NOT allow the following types of disgruntle threads : “I am leaving this board”, “I am taking a break from this board”, or ”what happen to this (disciplined) member?”; additionally, any discussions or threads about a member's warning or banning are prohibited. All of these types of threads cause more issues, and many times more drama on the board. All actions taken upon a GRF board member is strictly between that member and the GRF Forum Management Team. Also any discussion that mentions self hurting or suicidal thoughts or actions will not be permitted. These are very serious topics and need professional assistance, more than a Golden Retriever Forum can provide. Any kind of the previously mentioned threads may be closed and/or moved out of view of the general membership. If a member persists in continuing to create such types of threads, the GRF Forum Management Team will take action against the member that may include temporary and/or permanent suspension of a member's account.

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GRF Registration agreement

Do to recent events we would like to post this registration agreement here as well, just as a reminder to what was agreed to upon setting up an account here.


Registration to forum and chat is free, but we do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please check the 'I agree' check-box and press the 'Register' button below. If you do not agree with the rules and would like to cancel the registration, click here to return to the forums index.

Although the administrators and moderators of Golden Retriever Forum will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and the owners, Administrators, and Moderators of Golden Retriever Forum, as well as Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

By agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate of any local or international laws.

Please be aware that by agreeing to rules, you agree and acknowledge, that the GRF forum owners, Administrators, Moderators (and developers) cannot be held liable for any damages, nor in any way could be responsible for any complication whatsoever caused by either usage of our forum or its content. If you do not agree with this statement, please cancel the registration immediately.

Please also note, that this is a public forum, readable by everyone and it is also fully crawl-able by major search engines (including Google, Yahoo and Msn). So, please also be aware that by agreeing to our forum rules, you agree and acknowledge, that we are not in any way responsible for any damages caused by forum posts appearing in search results of Internet search engines.

The owners, Forum Administrator/Moderator team of Golden Retriever Forum reserve the right to remove, censor, edit, move or close any board content for any reason. We also reserve the right to close user accounts or ban any of our members without previous warning or explanation. Such actions may include violating any GRF Board rules, spamming in threads or private messages, information in your registration suspected of being untruthful and/or the use of disposable e-mails.

The owners of Golden Retriever Forum reserve the right to the text of all posts you'll create in this forum as well as your blog and also to all pictures you'll upload to forum or our photo gallery. With exception of vulgar, sexually-oriented, threatening or messages otherwise violate of international laws or copyright laws, the owners of Golden Retriever Forum reserve the right to keep all your forum messages, private messages and blog posts active, including your user account, even if you decide to leave our forum.

By accepting this registration agreement, you also automatically agree to our Forum and Chat Conduct (available through our FAQ section), so please make sure to read the Forum and Chat rules prior to accepting this registration agreement.

Please note that we may change our policies at any time, and pursuant to our Registration Agreement, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with and adhere to the rules posted here.

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