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  • honeysmum ·
    Try sending Mist a pm she will know I think most people said on this thread when theirs arrived some may have posted on the main UK page.
    mist ·
    Hi here is a quick guide to who's who on the UK social Group
    Carmen - Carmen
    davebeech - Dave
    Emma & Tilly - Emma
    Fractal - Thomas
    Goldenfrodo - Barbara
    Goldensmum - Jan
    Honeysmum - Tracey
    Ladybank - Lesley
    Lisa & Willow - Lisa
    Maggie1951 - Maggie
    Marym - Mary
    Mist - Tracey
    Monty - ??????????
    MyHoneybunny - Isabel
    Nictastic - Nicki
    Perdi - Shona
    Powderpuff - Gordon
    Rosemary - Rose
    Rosie Way - Kelly
    Roxynoodle - Karen
    Ruby - ???????????
    Ruby'smom - Steph
    SimplyBob - Bob
    Stuey - Stuart
    Tanyac - Tanya
    Team Alfie - Craig
    Tinsley - ??????????
    Tobelvski - Christine
    Twinny41 - Patsy
    Tanyac ·
    Hi there, welcome to you and Roo. There are a couple of members on the UK group who also have horses. Please drop by, we're a friendly bunch. By the way, Roo looks like a beautiful pup.
    Team Alfie ·
    Hi, Alfie's dad's name is Dilwyn the Dozer (and his mum is Kenmilquin Bride), so it turns out that Alfie and Rupert certainly aren't half-brothers. Denied again!
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