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  • MissingTina ·
    Hi Tahnee,
    I hope you don't mind me asking you about another pairing. I like to do it privately and to those who have been helpful. Shor'Line has a summer litter and all the clearances check out. We had a great conversation yesterday about PU. My Tina had that condition, so we talked at length about breeding choices with eyes and cancer etc.

    She sent me the pairing today and it's Ocean and Okoboji.

    They both share Mariner as their dad! This must happen more than I knew! I got a better feeling in talking with Shor'Line. I didn't get the feeling she was trying to breed the prettiest dogs, but long-lived, versatile healthy dogs, which maybe is why Mariner is used this way? Would you be willing to share your thoughts?
    msteighner ·
    Hi Tahnee! I noticed that you've recommended Wyoming Goldens in Osceola, WI. I've explored their website and their facebook page and they do look reputable. Do you have more information or personal experience that you can share with me?

    Thank you!
    Prism Goldens ·
    Thanks for the link to the Timber's dog. I had pretty much decided (after searching the phone #'s and kennel name on the roster) that they were not really GRCA members. I reported it to Linda Bell so she can tell them to take that off their site.
    MyMaggieGirl ·
    Was that Asia? I will do some searching to find the posting. Thanks. Feel free to refer anyone to me, I'm glad to offer words of encouragement.
    KiwiD ·
    Hard to believe Kiwi is 3 already! We drove out to a lake an hour from here on Sunday. She really wanted to go in the water but had to settle for a peek over the sea wall since no dogs are allowed on the beach. We did find a spot for her to go swimming a little later and she had a ball, loves, loves to swim. Hope you're having a good summer and enjoying those babies!

    KiwiD ·
    Hi Linda,
    Just thought I'd share a quick video of Kiwi "talking" to one of her toys. It's quite comical to hear the sounds she makes and the 2 sharp barks at it near the end. There's only a few toys she'll do this with and capturing it on camera is even harder ;)

    hope things are well with you and your crew. Still lots of snow and cold weather here, we're so ready for it to be Spring already. Please forgive the scruffy dog...waiting till some of the snow melts before we get her groomed and prettied up for when Spring does make it's appearance

    Kiwi talking to her toy - YouTube
    KiwiD ·
    So sorry I missed the thread about Trouble. I searched for it and read through it all, how very scary but glad to know she's all better.

    Just wanted to share a couple pics with you to show how much Kiwi looks like her Momma. First pic of course is Bindi and the babies, a pic you sent just after they were born and then Kiwi from about a month ago. I couldn't get over how much she looks like Bindi!

    KiwiD ·
    Hi Linda,
    Just wanted to send a quick message since it's been awhile. Hope things with you and your fur kids are good. Kiwi's doing good, such a silly girl she is. If she decides she wants some loving she'll paw at you and heaven forbid you try and stop, the paw just keeps coming at you until she decides she's had enough. Hard to believe she'll be 2 in a couple months. Had her at the vet to get heartworm meds last week and she weighs 57 lbs.

    Take care
    LeilaM ·
    Thanks so much for your replies to my posts :) Is there any chance you may be planning a litter this spring? Anyway I'd like to talk to you about it if you are. Thanks so much.
    Keragold ·
    Hi Tahnee - No, sorry. I didn't even know there was a kennel with that name. One of my goldens was named Kera, so I just coined the name out of the blue.
    Sam's Mom ·
    Hi Linda,

    Happy Birthday to our pups born July 27, 2011. Check out a couple of Murphy pics on my profile page.

    Penny & Maggie's Mom ·
    Hi Linda. Have you used the new advantix? Know people who have? I'm ready to order for our crew and was a little hesitant since they have changed the formula. Thanks.
    FeatherRiverSam ·
    Linda I'm not sure if you got my message so I thought I'd post it here...yes, Toller is on the dog data base for the DNA test I sent in...didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you ;).
    Penny & Maggie's Mom ·
    Linda, your avatar is stunning!!!! Is that your special Scout??? Also, are you really going to St Petersburg for 6 months? You're about the 3rd or 4th friend of mine on FB to post about going somewhere for long periods so I'm wondering if it's a hack of some sort.
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