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  • FeatherRiverSam ·
    Just wanted to say I love your signature picture with the sign...wait till he has his little brother hanging onto his ears with those needle sharp puppy teeth.;) I'm sure it will be a blessing to have a little brother, no matter how sharp those teeth are...I'm looking forward to lots of pictures.:)

    Summer's Mom ·
    Summer thanks you for your birthday wishes and thank you for you kind kind comments! :)

    You are right I haven't had much time to come on the forum.. Summer and I have been doing an online competition obedience class and I have lots of video clips but they are boring and -very- different from obedience training here on the forum so I am taking a break from posting :)

    Hope all's well with you and yours too!
    Bell ·
    Just wanted to thanks again for the kind words,and personally wish you a great new year and happy holydays!

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your new signature picture of Hilton Head Island-great pictures, beautiful Golden.

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