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  • Gbandi ·
    We are looking to buy our first dog and leaning towards a golden retriever. My uncle has an english style (very light) golden and we cant seem to think of any other dog for our family. We have 2 boys.. 5 and 2 and they want the same dog. I've read Bev Brown's article and have done a lot of learning on I realize that AKC doesnt recognize them as a different breed and most AKC certified breeders shy away from breeding and talking about these English goldens. We would love any feedback on reputable breeders for english goldens on the East coast. We are willing to travel upto 300 miles (from DC) if needed. I would love to see the breeder, kennel, pupps in person prior to buying them. Are there any shows where we can have our children interact with these english goldens. We will also appreciate recommendations for AKC standard golden retrievers in the area.
    rudee ·
    Hi, I hope this works. I do not have enough posts to PM you, but I see your input a lot on here and was wondering where you got your Gilmour? I think I read he was Pebwin and Lycinan, and I thought that sounded like brilliant breeding. We are in the process of researching breeders hopefully for a pup this year. Thanks for any info you can provide!
    AllShookUp ·
    I can't take delivery of a new baby until August due to vacation away from home. Health is my number one factor, both my guys were/are healthy to 14 yrs of age.
    AllShookUp ·
    Hi, do you know of any reputable breeders in the VA or East Coast area? Looking for puppy Aug/Sept timeframe, have my 2nd 14 yr old boy now. We are ready.
    NuttinButGoldens ·
    I'll see if I can find it in my email later, but I think it was K9 Design.

    Just when I got it all set up, I had to go back to crates because I now have Milo too, and you can't do two dogs like this LOL

    You know, I could probably sell you mine!
    Dallas Gold ·
    Did you get your Champion Seat Belt System? Do you like it? Who did you order it from? I made the mistake of going through Champ K-9 think they are out of business! Anyway I'm looking for another vendor before Hubby starts to engineer one for us himself.
    thecomputergremlin ·
    So we met with her on Sunday, gorgeous dogs she has! I think we met her approval, so we will hopefully get a puppy in late November from her. I see what you mean about food and vets, and actually, we are a little more on target with her than expected. I can do a raw diet, as long as it's on my terms, and it's a combo raw diet/kibble, which is essentially what we already feed our cats, so no major change. And I agree on the only necessary bare minimum vaccination schedule!
    thecomputergremlin ·
    Now you've piqued my curiosity! As long as it doesn't involve a raw diet, I'm willing to learn new things. My cats are on what many consider an odd diet, in that we feed them a high quality dry food (Wellness brand) and a small portion of wet food daily. Everyone tries to criticize us, but our cats are very healthy!

    As for vaccinations, I'll be less prone to stray on that end. I firmly believe in following at the very least the legal vaccinations, though we are lax on our cats frequently because they had no outside contact. With a dog in the picture, they'll be getting their shots on time from now on.
    thecomputergremlin ·
    Hopefully I can post on here! I can't send you a PM until I have 15 posts, and I only have 8 now I think. I did call and we're set to meet her this weekend. She was quite confused that I called her! I mentioned your name/your pup's name in hopes that she knew who I was talking about. Hopefully things go well and then we'll just have a long time of waiting (til November!). Thanks again!
    Abbydabbydo ·
    Wow, that is a tough car! I bet you were sore, but I'm glad you weren't hurt badly! Our explorer died at 6 yrs old 120,000 miles, and everything fell off that car! But I do understand they are making them better these days, which is fairly ironic.
    NuttinButGoldens ·
    I'm trying to think. It's been a LONG time (23 years :)). I think probably my favorite place in Norfolk was "The Grate Steak". You went in, picked your own huge (most were well over 20 ounces) steak from the fridge, and cooked it yourself on a massive open-pit barbecue in the middle of the restaurant :) That, and a place called Carlos Murphys.
    paula bedard ·
    I was chatting with another member who also spent time in the Norfolk/Va Beach area, I lived there from 91-93, and our favorite Restaurant was the Duck In. Did you ever eat there? Great fried oysters and a nice beach for the kids to play on, Chesapeake Bay side of LynHaven Inlet. We used to watch the Naval Ships as they entered the mouth of the Bay from there. The GRF member said that the Duck In closed recently. Too bad, I'd have liked to visit it again. Funny, I've come across more people at GRF who lived near me in Va Beach then I've come across that live near me in Maryland now. I believe she was military too. We're not, but have family who are retired Navy and AF.

    I hope you're doing well. Again, I'm so sorry about Dakota...
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