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  • MyCodyBoy ·
    thanx! it was bought more for a joke then anything. My son saw it when I was looking for bones and he just had to get it and give it to Cody. We got him on video xmas morning chowing down.
    MyCodyBoy ·
    thank you for the suggestions!
    I am in Canada so I will have to look hard for some things as I might not have them here. Pigs ears are a popular thing, although I have not given him one yet I know he would love it.
    I did buy him some Roll Over Brand Pig skin rawhide bones and he likes those a lot, but they aren't a treat, they are always just laying around the house for him to chew on when ever he wants them.

    Jo Ellen ·
    Yay for the chew treat decision!! Have you checked into Bully Sticks? They're a little pricey but they last a long time and the dogs love them. Deer antlers are great too, they last longer than anything, I've heard people say they last for weeks! If you're just looking to pick something up in the grocery store, try the Chew-Eez strips. They come in beef or chicken flavor. The beef chews tend to be messier as far as stains go, but some of them can provide some marathon chew sessions.

    Bon Apetite!! :wave:
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