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  • Penny & Maggie's Mom ·
    Of course your grief needs to run its course. BUT..... you're very right that the love of a new pupper or older dog is a great healer and also a wonderful tribute to your sweet Mandy that went before. Would you consider rescuing? There are SO many that need love.. and since you're not in a rush, you may be able to find a puppy too. You all will stay in my prayers that your hearts heal and find the joy, companionship and love associated with having a furry one in the house.

    We are on our way home. Spent T'giving in your neck of the woods. Our younger son is now working at Duke Hospital so we were with him and his family. SO fun. We drove from Durham to Pearl MS today. In the hotel waiting for dinner and EXHAUSTED.

    Take care
    EricAtUNC ·
    Hi Tom,

    The breeder we chose is Zest Golden's, out of Cary. We did a lot of research on breeders, and visited 4, and talked to about 7-8. We absolutely loved the owners and the dogs were just fantastic. Their dogs just had it, they had that quality that we were looking for, the quality that we loved in our late Max for over 15 years. Very lovable, smart, and playful. They do not breed very often, and the 1 female, Kizmet, has never been bred and she's almost 4. She's going to be bred with a very good and well known male. We liked that she interviewed us hard, and answered all of our questions.

    In the meantime we're going to temporary foster for the Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue.

    We usually make just a few basketball games every year. I was there when Tyler broke the scoring record. What a night! I sure wish him well in Indiana.

    How's Mandy? Btw, my email is [email protected] if you want to email more than 1000 characters

    EricAtUNC ·
    Hi Tom,

    My wife and I live in Hillsborough as well. We moved to Hillsborough from Durham almost exactly a year ago and love it. We both work in Chapel Hill.

    I understand what you're going through with Mandy. It's tough to watch them get older, and you cherish every day that they're with you.

    We had Max, an English Springer Spaniel, for 15 1/2 years. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to him this April. It was the hardest thing we've ever had to do, and we are still trying to deal with the loss.

    We had planned to wait a while to get another dog, but I've found that I cannot. Since selecting the GR as our next family member, we've been busy researching and visiting several breeders. Last night, we found THE breeder we want to go with. Although it will be several months before we get a puppy, it will be well worth the wait.

    Go Heels!
    goldengrl26 ·
    thank you, thats what I was wanting in a response. I have no clue if a golden is really to be shaved, I was wondering if people trim them up in the summer, like you said. I would never totally shave her. Just something to make her a little more comfortable when she is outside. Thank You, I am a little reluctant to ever post anything again. haha but I really appreciate it!
    mylissyk ·
    I SO wish I had gone to the Ft Worth concert, missed it this year! Gatlinburg is a beautiful place, you will enjoy the area and the concert!

    I wonder if they will have more groups for that one?
    Penny & Maggie's Mom ·
    Life sounds crazy busy for you. GRF has had it's usual occasion drama, but otherwise just perking along. Things here are going fine. Really enjoying this spring weather. Typical TX, it teases us with warm beautiful weather and then blasts us with either cold cold weather or the storms Tornado Alley is famous for.
    How long will you be gone on your mission trip? THat is so wonderful that you can do that..... what a blessing you are to those you serve. You'll have to share your experiences with us.
    Take care and I hope things slow down some so you can smell the flowers.
    mylissyk ·
    Oh man, that gave me chills. Awesome. The harmonies are incredible. Did you see the Blessed Assurance and I Surrender All videos?
    jnmarr ·
    We are in Fort Pierce.. about 60 miles North of West Palm Beach.
    I wanted to tell you I admired you for having the hootspa to stand up for your beliefs on the prayer thread.
    How is Mandy? I AM praying for her.. :)
    Tanyac ·
    Good luck at the vets... I'll definitely say a little prayer for Mandy... and you!! Take care
    paula bedard ·
    I've tried making my own and have come close. It's not a white or red style chowder. It's a simple clear broth with clams, bacon, potatoes, celery, onions, and I've had it with or without carrots. It's excellent. You can Google Hatteras Clam Chowder and find the recipe. It's best when using fresh shucked clams in clam broth sold at your local seafood store, but I've used canned clams and jarred clam juice with good results.
    Simmer for an hour or two, salt and pepper to taste, and that's it.
    Simply Delish!
    paula bedard ·
    A little hole in the wall Italian Restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. Stopped for lunch while on a business trip and had the best Italian food ever. White Lasagna is basically alfredo sauce in place of tomato sauce, a bit of sausage no beef, Italian cheeses, fresh spinach, and fresh herbs. I've not been able to duplicate it at home, so most likely missing the secret ingredient.

    I've been thinking about this as the day wore on. I really have too many to mention. Each is a fave depending on the weather, my mood, and time of year. Have you ever had Hatteras Chowder? I fell in love with it a few years ago. I've tried making that at home with a bit better success. I recently had a fried oyster Po'Boy sandwich at a local seafood restaurant....excellent!
    paula bedard ·
    hmm, my fave food of all time....bbq is definitely one, but I prefer pulled pork with a thicker sweeter sauce. I'd have to have a rotating top 3. pulled pork bbq sandwich w/slaw / crab cakes, no sandwich/ and White Lasagna.
    paula bedard ·
    Remember the scene in Forrest Gump when Bubba starts rattling off different Shrimp recipes :) I bet you could do a great BBQ version yourself!
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