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  • Shnga ·
    Hi Eric. I've been searching for what to feed my 8 month old puppy for the past several months and have seen a number of your posts and you seem very knowledgeable about dog food for goldens. I had our puppy on PPP Large Breed Puppy but she didn't do well with it. I switched her to Just Food for Dogs, a fresh food, and she has done really well on it, but its too pricey for us to maintain that diet. I'm back to the drawing board trying to find a really good quality food that won't cost me hundreds of dollars a month. I'm looking at Farmina Ancestral Grains Maxi Puppy food, Nutro Ultra Large Breed Puppy, and the one that you said you feed your dogs, Precise Holistic. Is it discontinued? I'm considering going raw, or feeding a combo kibble/raw. I need to look into how people who feed raw are getting grains into their dogs' diets.At least when they are so high on the ingredient list. Any opinions are appreciated and have you had a hard time finding the Precise Holistic? Thanks!
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