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  • Karen519 ·
    Krissi: Just stopped in to say hi and let you know that I sent you a friend request.
    Hugs to you and Cooper!
    Krissi2197 ·

    I have not heard of it, but I will certainly Google it! I was actually wondering the other day how I'd know what the "right" distances for walks would be once I start taking him out once his vaccinations are done, and I think that chart will be the thing I'm looking for to help me out!

    I don't think I'll be following the feeding plan on websites/the back of the food packaging. I'm gonna talk to my breeder and vet about that. The breeder knows a lot more about my pup's eating habits than I do.
    Panama Rob ·

    Have you looked at the Hovan Slow Growth Plan? You should Google it. There is great info about walking distances for pups on there even if you don't use the feeding plan. I did not go by the feeding plan opting to go with the breeder's recommendation instead but I found the info very educational.

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