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  • NancyLu ·
    Hi Kimm, I can't believe I haven't posted since 2010!! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all the support you gave to Summer Lynn and I during her surgery and recovery. I will never forget what a kind and giving person you are. How is Tucker? Summer is doing well with her hips. She is due for a check-up this summer but I'm sure she is going to pass with flying colors. She's slowing down and has started that white beard on her chin. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you!!
    Best wishes,
    Nancy and Summer:wave:
    mybuddy ·
    Hi there. I dont know if you remember but back in January I think, you asked Linda to get in touch with me about a golden here in Taiwan that was in a shelter. Well, I contacted a foreigner here who is very active in rescue and sent him a message. I did this via facebook and never heard I thought. There was a return message from him hidden among several others. I am not a huge facebook user so unless I am notified via email, I rarely go on. Since I was not notified I missed the message...grrrr. Anyway, I found it by accident today and wanted to let you know that the golden was rescued and adopted.
    Happy ending. That video really broke my heart and I feel so happy that he now has a forever home. Thanks for the alert!
    paula bedard ·
    You're welcome. He's adorable and I love his name, it's all boy! You're going to have so much fun as he starts hitting all the milestones...=)
    davebeech ·
    thanks, I hope it is some sort of hoax, I wouldn't like to think she is stuck over here, specially in London, but she has still not replied to me so lets just hope they are all ok
    davebeech ·
    Hi Kimm, what's the story with Maribeth, I got an e-mail too asking for help, I replied to her but no answer back so far
    boomers_dawn ·
    Thanks Kimm! That would be great, I don't feed raw but I'll ask them ... like they would say no! I'm sure we can put the treats to GREAT use. See you!
    boomers_dawn ·
    Hi Kimm. It was fun training w/ you and Mike and Sharon at ODTCW tonight. I have your plastic bag w/ your treats, tennis ball, and plastic bowl in it. I'm sure you have lots of other treats and tennis balls and bowls, but if you need it, we can meet at the club or I can leave it there for you, otherwise I'll hang onto it for next time we all go training there. See you, Dawn S
    Jerseygirl ·
    Thanks for thinking of me Kimm! How are u?
    Things are not so great here. Husband is in Holland with his family. His dad had a brain stem stroke (he is 63) and is in the hospital. To make things even more complicated: his mom can't live on her own because of a stroke a couple of years ago. So their house need to be sold and they both have to find a new home. I try to take care of things here: the kids, the dogs and the business....
    But thanks for thinking of me!! I hope things are settling down soon. I miss GRF!!
    Ronna ·
    Hi Kimm
    I haven't been on for such along time and I appreciate your concern. As always you are a great golden owner and I always enjoys your posts.

    Jemma's Mum ·
    Hey Kimm,

    We're all fine here, just been so busy lately, lots of dancing stuff & with a just 17 y.o. & almost 14 y.o. lots of running around too! 17 yo daughter still hasn't got her learner driver permit yet & even if she got it now, the new law says she can't get a licence for 2 years. I'm on holidays soon, 2 weeks away from home, Yeah!! Hope all is well with you & yours!
    Bock ·
    Don't feel old, just more experienced! Sorry if I came off rude, didn't mean to. Just hate to lose the forum or any other "extras" because we are always asking Joe for more and more free things. You have a great day as well!
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