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  • bmccoy ·
    I've read alot of your posts and currently reading Vol1 of Smartwork.Lots of people in my retriever club recommended it.I'm not new to retriever training I've had goldens since I was 14 and I'm 38 now.I'll be picking up a new pup the 19th of March and I decided to use something new this time, so I purchasedVol1&2 of smartwork and the cheating book.After reading about half of Vol.1 the thing that really bothers me is the whistle issue.Do you not introduce a whistle till after ff,casting drills and force to pile?The reason this is a big issue w/ me is I've always started training with whistle introduction with verbal directly after, 3toots "here" 1toot "sit".When it's time for pressure I always did force to sit with whistle and then a verbal sit.This might be a shock to you but that's the only problem that I've got with this training method.Can you expand on this matter a little for me so I can better understand why?I've been enjoying the book and have already learned alot.
    DNL2448 ·
    Evan, I'm not going to post this on a thread as Lord knows what kind of controversy it would cause. Would there be anything detrimental to using ducks not typically shot for food, i.e. manganesers, coots, buffleheads, etc. for retriever training?
    EvanG ·
    I don't understand how the message system on this board is set up, but I hope my reply gets to you. Thanks for letting me know. Both California seminars were a major success. Hope to return next year! How's your pup coming?
    Klamath Gold ·
    I just received a note from one of my puppy buyers. She attended your recent training seminar in California and absolutely loved it. She took pages and pages of notes and cannot wait to dig in. She was thrilled and I thought I would pass it along to you.
    EvanG ·

    I'm not sure if my reply will reach you, as this feature isn't set up like this on most boards. Yes, I'm Evan Graham, author of the Smartwork system - books and DVD's.

    Soda ·
    Hi Evan, Your posts in "type of trainer" intriqued me. Are you the same Evan G that developed and distributes a video retriever field training series?
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