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  • Henry22 ·
    Hi I saw that you have a golden from Phyllis Sode. I have a 4 yr old boy from her and he is the best dog. I was wondering if you knew if she was still breeding. Her website is down and I would love to get another golden from her.
    forevergoldens ·
    Hi! I am sending a message because we have a girl from April's Goldens, and I thought it would be fun to connect. :)

    Pedigree: April's Vanilla Sky
    beargroomer ·

    DH had an injury and we had to delay puppy plans. So maybe early next year... I'm a little bummed out about the delay, but in a way I'm glad because this way Gibson will be a little older and neutered by the time new puppy comes home.

    Thanks for asking! :)
    Wendy427 ·
    Hi Sherrie,
    I just now noticed your message! I enjoyed meeting you too! Hope we can do it again some time!
    - Wendy
    slechner ·
    Hi there-I am the person with Boomer and the bad case of the Zoomies. My breeder tells me in 30 years of breeding she has never heard of such a thing and wonders if Boomer has a food allergy. I am going to try more training, he already did the basic, we will try the advanced as well. Totally off topic, the picture of you puppy lying on the floor, can I asked what kind of flooring that is? It's very nice and your dog is pretty handsome as well.
    Doolin ·
    Just thought I would drop you a line for your sister. I did e-mail her, but thought I would let you know that I now have boy available from my last litter. He is 7 1/2 months old. If he liked the competition ring he would never leave here, however he doesn't. He is quite stunning. No big deal if she has already found a new companion, but thought I would let her know first since Morel ended up not being available.
    Doolin ·
    It was unfortunate that things happened the way they did. Morel has a great home and I get to see him often. Having one trained companion on hand is a great option for some people. It also allows me to grow out two pups from my litters and then make a cut.
    Doolin ·
    Yes, Morel is still available. His basic training is all finished. I am quite happy with him. I wish I had a place for him, but the other boy I have of the same age works better with the lines of the girls I have. He should make an outstanding pet for someone.
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