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  • avincent52 ·
    We tried one of my daughter's t-shirts and it came off in about two minutes. We're sticking with the cone of shame for the moment.
    Ljilly28 ·
    Did it not work putting upsidedown boxers on her with her tail through the fly? It worked on Tango with a little Duct tape belt. . .
    Kand3 ·
    Hi Allen. I just saw your thread that Tessie was getting spayed today. How did it go?? Bailey was done almost a month ago and I was a nervous wreck! Hope all went well!
    Ljilly28 ·
    A Caymens golden came to visit yesterday. We were playing on the shore at Damariscotta Lake in Maine, and a boat chugged up with a beautiful 9 year old golden in the prow. Even though the people were complete strangers, we invited Tucker overboard for some frisbee. He swam right in, play-bowed with Finn, and commenced a chase/fetch romp for thirty minutes before chugging back to his own boat. The people won't have a golden from anywhere but Caymens and Tucker has zero health problems even at nine. It was a fun encounter.
    Angel_Kody ·
    Here's a link to a video of tessie taken at a Petco Puppy Playtime today. The other dog is a 5 mo old Maltese (?) aptly named Cannon.

    Cute video! Love the song! When it came on my volume was way up so Jester ran over and started barking along! :p: Tessie is adorable. Makes me really miss those puppy days. Cannon looks like he really LOVES Tessie!
    paula bedard ·
    Hey Allen, Glad you're back. I missed all the fuss too, and it seems it was my avatar of an smiling elderly man in a cowboy hat that pushed your buttons. You don't like the elderly, cowboys, or both? :)
    Angel_Kody ·
    Thanks for the comment on Jester's winning pic. Was wondering why you couldn't vote then I read through a couple of comments here...ugh...I must have missed something while I was in Florida last week...yes? Shoot...I always miss the good stuff :p:.

    Glad to hear that Tessie is doing so well. New pictures pleeeeease! :)
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