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  • paula bedard ·
    It's good to hear from you. Glad all is well & congrat's to Cole! Hope your summer is a good one and you find some time to visit the Forum, we all miss you.
    Take Care.
    paula bedard ·
    I was just reading through an old post about breed conformation and there you were. Haven't been around in a while, hope all is well with you and the critters.
    CarolinaCasey ·
    Hey! I was just thinking about you & your Newfies! We haven't seen you around these parts lately. Just wanted to say hello. My husband and I are finally ready to add a pup to our home and we have decided that deep down in our hearts, a golden is truly the one and only breed for us.

    Hope to see you around GRF soon!
    3459 ·
    I'm missing your posts and just stopped by to say hi. Hope all is going well and that you are having a great summer. :wavey:
    Ash ·
    Just wondering what kind of blow dryer you have for your Newfs. If it works for Newfs it should work great for Goldens. Thanks in advance.
    CarolinaCasey ·
    We live in Pennsylvania so we're meeting someone from the PA/OH NC. We're really getting excited. I didn't care what breed we got a newf or a golden, since I think they're both great. Hubby got to choose. I think both will fit right in! I just joined Newf net! Thanks for the info!
    Penny & Maggie's Mom ·
    Have you found any contraindications for using the Cosequin DS and the Dog Gone Pain together????? I've used both on different dogs, but think Cody could benefit from using both together if it's safe.
    CarolinaCasey ·
    Hi!! Your Cole is such a handsome guy! We're thinking hard about getting a Newf for our family. We're meeting with the local Newfoundland club next month and will get some breeder referrals. I'm so excited. I love your website and the photos of your crew! Very nice!
    goblue ·
    Hi, I'm really hung up on this food thing. What do you feed your goldens? I'm currently feeding Canidae ALS but with this new formula thing not sure if there is something better or just as good. I'm across the bay from you in St. Mary's Co. I checked out your website very nice.
    Debles ·
    Donna, I asked the vet I talked to today if they had ever sent it to Dr. Dodds. She didn't know who she was. When I talk to my own vet on Monday, I'll ask her about Dr. Dodds. I know most vets use MState so hopefully it will be understandable. I'll feel better once tomorrow is behind us. : )
    Jo Ellen ·
    Good Lord, Donna ... I just read about your crocs adventure. Jesus, how long before you could even walk again ??
    Ardeagold ·
    LOL My name is Donna. One of the zillions on Golden forums. Ha~

    Not going to the GRCA Natl. Was a wonderful trip to RI for the Newf Natl, even though it was mostly cold, rainy miserable weather...during an outdoor show. I thought I'd never get warm or dry again. Hopefully Sept is better. I know all of the rooms are booked for miles around. I was at the Crowne Plaza, and can't beat that!

    Cole's registered name is HoneyLane's Unforgettable Fairweather if you happen to run across it anywhere in the future.

    Too bad about your Red Wings. MD lost to VA (Universities) in LaCrosse too. Bleh.
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