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    Hi, Cindy, I appreciated your posts re the rankings today. Now the response that was heaved back at you -- not so much.
    GoldenJoyx'stwo ·
    They don't like to vaccinate when they have any type of infection. They did vaccinate Tucker when he had the hot spot, but they weren't sure they would. The spot wasn't too bad when he got there, so they went ahead.

    Shadow is almost all white. His coat is a mess right now, but I think it's because I put him on the fish formula. I should have known better. He's back on Lamb & Rice, but the California Natural. What kills me? Bailey is only 6 months younger, eats Iam's, and doesn't look nearly as old as either of my two and his coat is glorious. His movements are small, too. Ack! LOL

    I understand what you are saying about losing one and needing another. I think that in part is why we went looking for Tucker. Well, for me anyway. Michael wanted a GR for himself. Shadow was so bounded to me. Shadow had a tough start and I just didn't know how long I'd have him. I'm glad we have Tucker. It's funny how you can love more than one dog soooo much.
    GoldenJoyx'stwo ·
    Well, Bailey isn't going home today! Woo hoo! But Shadow has a UTI so they may have to wait a week before they see him for his annual and I need to get that lump checked. He has aged so much recently and he is only six. I worry about him.
    GoldenJoyx'stwo ·
    How is the visit going? Bailey just got here and the first growls that usually come out of Shadow are over. I so love it when they are over. He actually did better this time. Less drama! LOL I forgot to ask how long Bailey is staying! I'll figure 7 days.

    Life continues to unfold...
    GoldenJoyx'stwo ·
    I didn't want to overwhelm you. We have more than one crisis going on, but we are all still alive and for that I am very grateful. I've always been able to take one day and one event at a time after twirling around for awhile, but I'm getting even better at it now.

    It's good to hear from you...
    avincent52 ·
    Congrats to Uncle Jester (guess, he's got all the hair that Uncle Fester wishes he had) from Tessie.
    We would have voted for you if we coulda.
    moverking ·
    Cindy, you have GOT to send Jester's Sno-Mo pic to the Weather Channel for their 'I love winter' pics section! He'd be such a hit!
    Debles ·
    Cindy, I am so glad I am not the only freak who has to recheck everything before I go anywhere! and worries the house will burn down (I only worry if the dogs are home, if they are with me, I don't care.)

    My daughter hates clowns too! I think it's because we let her watch a scary Stephen King movie with a clown when she was too young. (Bad parents!) I myself, don't like snowmen(the collectible kind) : )
    Jo Ellen ·
    Daisy is terrific!!!!! She's a little bored with not being able to do much because of her knee but in a few more weeks we'll be able to start taking short walks, she'll like that :) Thanks for asking about her!
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