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  • Bob-N-Tash ·
    Hi Amy... was thinking about you earlier this week and how we haven't talked much (or at all) since your move to Florida.

    Hope all is well.
    amy22 ·
    Im sorry about losing your job, thats so hard..I used to be a permanent substitute teacher in an elementary school...I lfet to move to CA to live with my finacee....left daughter in college, my son had graduated and was living at home...the job I loved...and things didnt work I moved back home to GA..but now I will be losing child support in Feb and I need to sell my I moved to mine and my fiancees house in FL. Hes still in CA...and I am now working at Target at guest service. I like it, but I so miss my kids and my home and my friends and my job...I am so thankful for my I live in FL son is in Maimi, just about 2 hours from me, but I so miss my daughter.
    I hope you have a good day...just take it ne minute at a time...thats what I do. Still dont know why my x husband of 18 years left in 2001.....
    Im off to work now.. xxoo
    peggyoneal ·
    I know you understand if you live alone. I was a guidance counselor in an all boys' school in St. Louis for 24 years. Five years ago they fired me and I don't even know why. My dogs got me through that mess but I still have not been able to find a job. Remi's death has really done me in. What new state do you live in?
    peggyoneal ·
    Thank you Amy for your kind words. I am truly heartbroken. I am divorced, with no kids, and my Goldens are everything in the world to me. I've been so upset I actually thought about ending it all,,,,but my other Golden, Charlie, needs me to take care of him These next few days are going to be very tough. Thank you again.
    GoldenMum ·

    Thanks for understanding instead of condeming..we are a work in progress. I wish you the best with your financial is never easy....I can remember a time when a decision had to be made if we would have heat, or milk that day...Life can be will get better! I told my better half, I've had all the character building I need!
    fight4usmak ·
    Hi Amy,
    Thank you again for all of your support you have shown us. Boy, I still have some seriously tough moments, I hope they become fewer and farther between. It's probably best that Shaggy isn't a Golden, I would spend too much time comparing him to Mak (and Mak was surely one of a kind!). Have I already asked you what part of Ca you're in?
    Blaireli ·
    Amy, I'm so glad you liked it. I'm sorry it took so long to get them mailed - I started crying every time I started, haha. ;) Thank you again for all of your support.
    Alohaimee ·
    Thanks for the encouragement! I really like the idea of being a vet tech until I can get to vet school. Heath is so much more important, and I do have all the time in the world to reach my career goals! =)
    jnmarr ·
    Hi Amy.. I love your new siggie picture! Would you please explain to me how you got it in the middle? I guess I am not using the center correctly? I am SO not good at this! Thankx!
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