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My question - after all that waffle!! - is what is it really like to live with a golden?
It is great! It is a lot of work but it is worth it! My colleagues are saying that Lilly is the love of my life and well I have to admit, that they are right!

Are they as affectionate as people say?
Lilly is a real cuddler and is also a little aloof, which is great, since I am working quite a bit: So it is cuddle time when we are at home, but she doesn't mind to be alone. Well I have to admit - I always make sure that she is tired

Do they really moult that much? Lilly is shedding, but since she is on day hikes twice a week and day care one or twice a week it is manageable. I brush her also every day and every other week she will see the furminator, which helps really to reduce shedding.
(and then it is funny, I always thought that might be a problem for me, because I like it neat and clean - it was very easy for me to adjust...I do love Lilly so much that those little hairs on the wood floor don't really bother me...)

Are they big chewers? Yes, but if you keep them busy (and tired...) they are okay. I had almost NO problems with Lilly with chewing when she was a puppy. My 10 yo shoes were done one day, when I did not expected her chewing, but that's it. When she was really little, we always had her in a crate when we could not supervise her - that's helps, I guess...

Good points they are amazing, loving, intelligent, curious, active, beautiful dogs. They can be stubborn, determined and focused. They often love water and swimming and can be incredibly gentle and caring. Sometimes goofy and often very entertaining.
Bad points see above. They can be highly energetic, mouthy, chewers, diggers, stubborn
...totally agree

If you've haven't experienced it, no words, advice or instructions will truly prepare you. Its exhausting, fun, stressful, scary, full of laughter and sometime tears.
Some advice on how to handle puppies would be good too!! Stay on the forum, there's a ton of very experienced dog owners that are very willing to provide detailed advice on just about anything you can think to ask.
totally agree with that one, too.

I LOVE Lilly and yes, it did change my life and limited my flexibility somehow but I DO NOT regret that. I can not imagine to be without her, but that is a different 'problem'
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Mulligan & Samantha's Mom

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Samantha was very indep. as a puppy, but has grown into her role as a "velcro" golden. I was unsure of the breed at first, but after doing some research and esp. after having Samantha I would likely never own another breed! She is smart, affectionate and loving. Although hairy (and quite the shedder), we love her lots!
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Originally Posted by cisobe View Post
Tobey is our first Golden, but a couple of my friends had goldens when we were growing up. What's it like living with a golden? It's interesting and entertaining, and takes a bit of patience... They truely are very affectionate dogs. You will definately need to get used to the shedding, as their fur is everywhere, even if you vacuum everyday.

Our Tobey can be very affectionate but he also can do his own thing. I can be sitting on the couch watching tv, and he will just hang out and play with his toys on the ground. He'll often drop by just to say hi, and get a pet/squeeze every now and then, or just sit right next to you, and wait for you to play with him. He also just loves meeting people, and gets quite excited, his tail wags soo much, sometimes it looks like he's going to lose his balance...

As far as chewing, I think it's something you need to manage. Always have toys for them to chew on, or always keep them within your reach so you can redirect their attention to appropriate things to chew on. If you can't watch them, put them in their crate, so they can't get into trouble. tethering them to you is also another great way to keep them in control and out of trouble.

they grow pretty quickly, so that tiny puppy you pick up at 8-10 weeks will be a decently size teen in a matter of months, so take a lot of pictures, and work with them frequently on not jumping, staying of furniture, etc when they are young. it's easiest to stop a bad habit from starting, then to break a bad habit once it's been established.

So far, Tobey has been pretty flexible energy wise, on bad weather days, we usually don't go for our typical 1mi+/- walks, but it doesn't seem to affect him. but others dogs may not be so forgiving... getting him has made us more active, and we look forward to the weekends and new adventures with him, so he has definately improved our quality of life.

I think we may be spoiling him, I we tend to go a little nuts buying him toys, and treats, and other things... but we can't help it..

continue your research, read through the forums (good and bad posts), and if you still think they are right for you, start your search for a breeder...

good luck!
Even though Eric is only 3 months old, I like to think that he seems to be mirroring your Tobey. He loves people and children. He wiggles his tail too too much whenever someone approaches him and greets him.

So yea, overall, goldens are affectionate, very easy to train, he learned the command paw for e.g in less than 20 minutes.

I love the outdoors but I would never go alone. Now that Eric's on board we're looking forward to the weekend to explore more parks and new places with him. It has changed our quality of life and it will change it more (positively) in the years to come. I haven't regretted a split second getting him.

Hampstead Heath (in London, UK) is one of our favourite spots to take Eric and it's also perfect for swimming (even though he's still trying to get used to it! )

Do your research, to find a reputable breeder, make sure the puppy is healthy, that parents, grandparents have excellent hip scores and unaffected eyes.

Since you're from the UK, you can call the Kennel Club to provide you with reputable GR breeders in the UK.

One thing is for sure, it takes a lot of patience and dedication. Make sure you have both.
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I think to have a GR you as a person have to be willing to take the good the bad and the ugly. Some dogs are just great literally born with that 'perfect dog gene'....Others end up with nicknames like Maximum Destruction (my Max). Despite having to spend almost half an hour making sure all counters, desks, and tables are cleared off so theres nothing to chew up before we leave, praying that when we walk back in the house there wont be a paper trail because we forgot something. Not being able to let there be toys everywhere because Max has resource guarding issues. Vacuuming daily because he sheds alot even with daily brushing. All that stuff just flies right out the door when we pull up to the house after being away for a bit and see his big face in the window just sooooooo happy to see us pull in. Or waking up in the morning with my arm covered in drool because Max is laying on it staring at me like "Mom its time to get up...BTW Love ya" and then hops over to BFs side of the bed to get him up.

Having to guard our plates at dinner time and keep out iced tea or milk covered because Max thinks they are for him not us. Scooping giant land mine sized piles of poop....I would just rather deal with all of that than ever live another day with out it. I love Max the good the bad the ugly and I just think if you can live with that stuff then you should have a GR at all because theres no guarentee that any puppy is going to turn into 'perfection' you may just get a rambuctious goofball who forgets its manners all the time.
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Well, when I took Alfie home almost 6 weeks ago, I got a BIG reality check!!!!!! It's basically the equivalent of adopting a 2 year old!!!! They're little permenant tornados to begin with and they bite like a 'psycho' sometimes - they growl, they're noses scrunch up and they lunge at you like they're crazy with a wild look in their eyes!!!!! Don't worry though, they're not being dominant and aggressive - just a normal golden pup! Obviously, they all have slightly different personalities, but they all bite and chew!!!!!

My biggest advice would be to crate train! I'd have gone crazy without a crate!

Enrol in KC puppy class too, that will cover the basic training and socialization.

Be prepared for vet bills! My puppy vacs and check ups came to around 100. My puppy classes are 40 for an 8 week course. Make sure you feed them a good quality food ( I feed my boy on Royal Canin Maxi Junior 32) it's around 15 per bag from Pets At Home and a bag lasts around 2 weeks for a 3 month pup!

Get good quality toys too - Kong toys are fairy durable. I got mine off NO tennis balls as they're too small and they can choke on them.

Get them used to the car whilst they're still young - start with short trips and always have somebody sit in the back with pup.

They like to eat grass, sticks, dirt and plants. Grass/dirt is okayish but discourage earting plants/bushes/flowers etc. They also try and eat stones!!!!! You'll be rescuing plenty of stones from those jaws!

If you chose to neuter/spay PLEASE wait till they're minimum 18 months so they can grow properly.

My boy is 13 weeks and growing like a trouper! He's hard work but well worth it! They do learn really quickly with patience and consistency.

Do plenty of research and give yourself lots of time to digest it!

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Owned by Emma
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First they are extremely intelligent dogs. Really the best, always eager to please (of course breeding has a lot to do with it, so I'd be extremely careful where to get a puppy from, also have preference in certain lines) This is extremely helpful in training, it really goes smooth and it is great fun! Intelligence and temperament makes them highly recommended for all age groups.

They are always eager to get & offer love. They follow you everywhere. They are really the most wonderful thing ever on earth

They beg. They are world champions in begging. They also drool in the process Slobber does not bother me anymore. I guess I got used to it. If you think you can resist begging, you're wrong. they go to new psychological levels you have never dreamed of. Humans can't do that.

They steal )) Mine does not steal food, but socks. Oh and tennis balls and foot balls that do not belong to us. I always have to apologize, luckily people love a Golden who plays tennis or football with them, regardless of age.

They blow coat like crazy. Big time. It's easy to clean though, since it is pretty long hair.

They dig and have their own ideas of what landscaping means (big craters, they must think they live on the moon).

They are mouthy They usually greet you with something in their mouth, and even as adults they might like to hold your hand with their mouth (zero pressure from teeth of course) As puppies, they explore the world through their mouth. You have no idea what can go in and you have to take out

As for activity level, I think it all depends on lines and training. Even a very active Golden outside can be trained to behave in a very calm manner inside. That means no wild chases in the house, etc.

Emma (Karma), born June 5th 2008, my heart, my love, my everything. You are everything I dreamed of, and much much more!


Emma, we will always love you!
Nov, 1 2007 - March 5th 2008
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2 goldens and a BMD
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I've had three goldens. They've all been wonderful dogs, but they've all been unique individuals. I wouldn't change a thing about any of them. But they all took a fair amount of work as puppies. Any breed is going to require a good amount of work to grow up to be a good dog. Goldens aren't any harder than any other breed.
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There is one thing I just thought of that I really like about my GR. He can play rough with my mini doxie but doesnt hurt him at all. I mean from 'knawing' on Franklins legs like chicken wings to fitting his whole head in his mouth I have yet to find even a hint of a boo boo on Franklin. Max gets more boo boos from Franklin grabbing his neck fur or armpits and shaking like a tug toy or rope. I really dont think there is any other breed that could put up with the way Franklin plays and not hurt him.
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Missing Selka So Much
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I think the answer is : pick the right breeder and obedience training.

If you go with a very experienced breeder whose high priority is health (all clearances done) temperament and true to the golden standard, you should get a beautiful loving sweet pup.
All goldens are mouthy as they are hunting dogs, but that is also a training issue.
So obedience training is a must!!! No dog is just born perfect even with a well bred temperament and personality. All inappropriate behaviors are learned by lack of the owner being responsible.

My current goldens were never chewers and have been wonderful family dogs because of their training. We did have one golden that chewed and that was because I didn't keep close enough eyes on him when he was out and about.

The reality is as beautiful and loving as they are , they are also big, energetic at times, shed and need attention. As I have recently sadly found out for myself, they are a breed prone to cancer and many other diseases due to overbreeding. But that is true in many breeds today.

And really it is more about the owner than the dog, if you ask me. We get the sweetest most loving goldens into rescue because the owners weren't prepared for shedding, training a puppy, their adult size etc. One person I will never forget surrendered her dog because he didn't match her decor. I could not believe our society has gotten that superficial but i guess so.

It is responsible of you to be checking into all of this and educating yourself. remember obedience training for you and your dog, whatever breed you choose.

Sasha, Gunner,
& Angel Selka in Heaven

Love You Always
Max, Sophie and Shammy
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I would ask myself what do I want to *do* with the dog. I believe that we have turned the corner from the times when dogs were kept in the backyard and never allowed to interact with their families. As a society, we have developed the idea that dogs have jobs, or a purpose, or an activity. Not to say that *all* dogs must have activites. Certain breeds and certain individuals within the breeds may not present themselves true to type, but generally working or sporting breeds will be happiest if they have a job, a thing that they do.
Whether it's a lab or a golden or a border collie or a GSD, this type of thinking dog will need an outlet for its intelligence. Many people tout a certain breed's intelligence as if it's some badge of honour - what they need to remember is that an intelligent dog will find an outlet for its intelligence and you generally won't like it.
I don't have a golden yet - 23 hours to go - but I expect that there will be a certain drive in him. I expect him to be nosey, energetic, intelligent, a land shark, more geared towards me than my border collies, food motivated, sensitive, hairy, with a fantastic sense of humour, birdy, biddable. Within this expectation there are varying degrees - how birdy, how nosey, how energetic, how mouthy are what I don't know yet.

One thing - a dog will remain true to its hard coded, hard wired genetic make up. You can shape him to a certain extent but the basic traits of the breed will take over and he will test his boundaries. If I don't like a dog who will live to retrieve I won't get a golden. If I hate dog hair I won't get a golden. If I mind chewed table legs I won't get a golden. Just like if I minded having my cats herded I would not have gotten border collies, or if I'd minded obsessive compulsive fixation on games of fetch I would not have gotten border collies.

It is absolutely wonderful that you are asking these questions now. Too many people fall in love with an idealised image of a dog and forget that there is a living breathing animal there. Or they thing training is a one time thing - OK, he learned a recall, so don't have to think about it training is a daily, ongoing thing. Dogs will test. They are opportunistic. Think long and hard if you find yourself questioning your plans - there may be a reason. You know yourself better than anyone.

Me? I don't mind hair, in fact I love it, I will deal with the mouthiness. I don't mind chewed tables or chairs because I can get another. I don't mind if they chew up the couch because that's the reason God created Fox Furniture.

I really love that you're asking these questions now. Stick around. People here are very friendly.

****, I talk a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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