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C Lo
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Hello all,

We just lost our 2 1/2 yr old male Golden to Lymphoma. We are devastated and seriously considering not getting another Golden but another breed. Our breeder has been wonderful and offered us another pup for any other litter. Our pup came from parents that had all the clearances and the breeder is very reputable. Has anyone else experienced a loss in such a young pup and tried again? We are conflicted about what to do as our little guy was an amazing boy.
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Welcome to the forum.

I am so very sorry for your loss of your boy.

Although I know Cancer occurs in Goldens and in many other Breeds as well, I will always have a Golden. I love the breed that much that it's worth the chance for me.

Again, I am very sorry for your loss.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I have never personally lost a Golden at such a young age, but I did have one that made me question sticking with the breed. I had a female that had cancer, and many other issues that came with it. To be honest I spent a fortune on her and constantly questioned her quality of life. My husband and son decided they wanted another dog. I was very set against it. I didn't even go with them to look at the litter. They brought me home a 10 week old Golden male. I fell immediately in love with him. My female was still living, so he was an addition. In his first 7 years of life he never had a single unscheduled vet visit, not even an ear infection. I've owned Golden's for many years and my very first one, Remington, was the one I measured all Golden's by. Duke, the one they brought home against my will, is now the one I find myself measuring all Golden's by. He is 9 years old now and is showing his age. He is having health issues now, but I can't imagine my life for the last 9 years without him.

He restored my faith in the breed I love. I have decided that health issues or not I'm a Golden owner. I was at the vet yesterday with Duke and with all of his problems he had hip x-rays done and they were still good, his heart is good, no cancer. He is challenging for me right now, but my vet even commented on what an amazing guy he's been. I'm just hoping for a few more amazing years. If I don't get them it's okay, he's made my life better.

It's a hard decision to make but my other choice was a German Shepherd and I have since learned they have at least as many health issue as Golden's, and so do labs. (My son owns labs)
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diane0905 (10-22-2019)
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I'm very sorry for the loss of your dog.

This is a difficult and personal decision. I too lost a Golden to cancer; she was 8 years old at the time and had never been ill in her life until she collapsed and was diagnosed with inoperable cardiac hemangiosarcoma. I went from having a magnificent, healthy dog - an agility partner of a lifetime - to having no dog at all within the space of five days. It was, to put it mildly, awful. It took me a year to get another dog, and during that time I progressed from not wanting another dog at all, to not wanting another Golden, to "well, maybe", and finally to bringing home my new Golden pup. He'll be four years old in December, and I'm so glad he's in my life. He hasn't replaced my last dog, but he's forged his own space in my heart.

I will say that I look at him sometimes and wonder however I will bear it if the same thing happens to him. I think he's worth the risk, though. We're having a blast and I can't imagine life without him.

Only you will know what is the right choice for you and I wish you all the best, whatever you decide.


Ruby 13-01-2007 to 18-03-2015.
My dog of a lifetime. I'll miss you forever.
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diane0905 (10-22-2019), Sweet Girl (10-23-2019)
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Like the others, I too am sorry for your loss.

Nellie made it to 14. She had PU, was blind, and nasal cancer finally got her.
Henry was about 8, osteo sarcoma got him.
Giggles also about 7, lymphoma got her.
Barkley about 8, Chemodectoma got him.
Pebbles will be 8 in Feb, she is doing great.
Sandy will be 4 in Feb, also doing great.
Mr. B just turned 4 and doing great.
All are/were from excellent Golden Retriever breeders.

My next dog will be a Golden.

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To reprise what other members have said. There is no predicting. How sad to lose your golden so young. I lost Cirrus at 6, which was devastating, but then Hudson lived until 12 and hopefully Oscar will stick around for long time. The loss of each one of our dogs was softened by a new golden in our lives. We are working with our integrative vet to do the best we can to have Oscar on a diet that is preventative in terms of illness. Other than that we enjoy him every day!
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C Lo
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Thanks to all of you that are responding. It is a hard decision, but feel life without a Golden isn't a life at all. Our Bodhi was the light of our life for the short time he was here. We have a female that is almost 10 and has been a joy also, so don't want to say no more Goldens at this point in our life.

So appreciative of your comments and condolences...
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OscarsDad (10-22-2019)
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My heart goes out to you. The unfairness of cancer at age 2 is breathtaking.

I would be interested in a conversation with the breeder about longevity in the pedigree of the dog you just lost and also in the pedigree of any future litters she has planned. As much as you are broken by the loss of your puppy at age 2, a good breeder will absolutely be gutted by this news. She's the only one who cares as much as you do about the health of your dog. Has she discussed the health of the parents, how their siblings are doing, other puppies those siblings may have produced etc.? The answers to some of these questions might help you decide how you want to proceed. If you have any interest in that conversation , you can give someone here the registered names of the parents and we can help you look at it.

There is no magic crystal ball to give us answers on longevity and some breeders try harder than others to research this and make it part of their breeding decisions but there are just no guarantees. I have to think that if your breeder is trying to avoid early cancer in pedigrees she chooses, that you would probably be very safe to get another dog from her, the chances of this happening again, with the next dog being so young, would be slim. I know it's a risk, I'm just like the others here though, I can't live without a GOlden. I absolutely adore my collie, but he is NOT a Golden, the personality traits are very different. I will never try to switch breeds again. I will pray daily and celebrate getting to double digits as a huge win but I'll never be without a Golden. I wish you the best at trying to figure out what is right for your family. I am truly sorry for your heartbreak.

SHR Richwood Work Hard Play Harder CD JH WC
Mack the collie boy
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cwag (10-22-2019), DblTrblGolden2 (10-23-2019)
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Our vet is concerned our 5 year old girl has Lymphoma. We're waiting for results and I'm beside myself. She's a golden mix, so I really felt we wouldn't have to be as worried about the high cancer risk associated with many of them.
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It seems that cancer hangs over our heads for our goldens and for our human loved ones. What an awful disease.

For me, I know that you cannot seek joy without sometimes getting heartache.
For me, a golden is a triple dose of joy (and a little bit of 'too smart for her britches'!).
I want that joy even after losing my last golden at age 1. Not cancer.

I agree, ask the questions and reduce the risk but do not give up the joy!
I do accept there are many awesome dogs that are not goldens, but I will still be all in for a golden every time.

Take care.
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