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Madi Mccann
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Car accident - 6 month old puppy

Hello everybody,
5 days ago myself and Arlo were in a car accident in which our car was written off. It was extremely traumatic as we were at a stand still and a woman drove into the back of us going around 50mph.
Arlo is 6 months old today. Physically he is fine. However I do think he is struggling. He is now very reactive to noises, where in he runs straight to me, jumps up and then cries for around half an hour.
He is also not sleeping as soundly as he used to. Constant movement of his limbs and low growling and wimpering.
He is also becoming very protective of me, I have 4 broken ribs, so moving is hard. Whenever I make a painful noise he comes charging over and won’t let anybody near me. I know this is because he loves me, but I want him to love everybody and not have to worry about me.
I have spoken to our vet and they said give it a couple of weeks and see how things go.
But I was wondering if anybody had been in a similar situation before .
Madi x
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Very sorry you and Arlo were in car accident, hope you recover quickly.
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Sweet Girl
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I'm so sorry for what you went through. It sounds like it was traumatic for you both, but Arlo is especially affected.
I don't have great advice for how to deal with his fear and trauma. But it might help to find a veterinary behaviorist sooner than later to get some tips about what you could do to help him get by this.

About his being protective of you - this I can relate to. I had a cycling accident a few years ago and had several broken ribs and two broken wrists (two casts). My then 10-year-old Golden became very protective of me, too, even with people she had known for years. She barked at anyone who approached me (even people she knew) and she put herself between me and anyone else until I spoke to them and she was confident that I was not at risk. As soon as I was well and healed, this behavior stopped. My guess is that this will be the case with Arlo, too. Right now, he is very focused on you, you both went through a lot, but my guess is that once some time goes by and once you are feeling better, he will ease up and relax. I don't think he loves anyone less - he is just more focused on you for the time being.

I hope you feel better soon and can get some professional help for helping your pup. Try to be confident and upbeat with him, as opposed to babying him, if you know what I mean. I don't mean to sound cold at all - but the more he feels you are good, he will be good. This will be hard while you are in so much pain, I know. Again, so sorry about the accident.

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I'm sorry to hear about the accident and hope you both feel better soon.
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I'm sorry to hear about your accident and wish you a speedy recovery. How was Arlo restrained in the car? One of my biggest fears is for my dogs to get injured in an accident so I'm glad to hear Arlo didn't have any injuries.
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I'm so sorry for you and Arlo . I have no experience but just wanted to wish you a speedy recovery and hopefully Arlo will be back to himself soon!! Be well!
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I had the same thing happen to me but thank goodness my dog was not in the car. I ended up with soft tissue damage and my elbows were very tender for about a year from gripping the steering wheel. The jeep ended up on top of my car! So, your puppy could have some tender areas too. The jerking and whimpering might simply be the puppy dreaming. Did your vet manipulate your pups joints to see if there was tenderness? If so, perhaps a couple of weeks will give it time to heal. Hopefully, you are okay too!
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Arlo may be hurting physically as well, even if there's apparently nothing wrong. My husband had a serious car accident in November of last year (fell asleep at the wheel, hit an electricity pole, wrote off the car). The doctors found no physical injuries, but he was in pain for a month of two: in his neck, his shoulders, etc. He also felt like his insides had been "shaken up", meaning that he felt off-colour too. Your dog, while not actually injured, may have some of these same effects too, to say nothing of the trauma.

Hope you both recover well. My best wishes to you.


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At 6 months old I would be concerned he is impressionable and might continue the protective and anxious behavior going forward. I think you should consider having a good trainer with behavior experience come in and help you work on this with him.

I also agree with the other posters who have said he may be in pain. After a car accident even if there are no broken bones, etc. everyone always has pain. Please ask your vet for a course of pain medication for him.

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I think a trip to the vet is warranted. As mylissyk mentioned, I'd be very concerned that he's at an impressionable age where behaviors are being formed and I wouldn't want this behavior to become established. A short term therapy w/ Trazodone may help him relax and be less anxious so this fear and fearful behavior doesn't become an established part of his temperament. Another thread from today reminded me of how helpful Trazodone can be.

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