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I would definately be scared of the fill in vet..goldens are so popular...he/she has to have a variety of them. I'm response would've been and what type of vet are you - obviously one trained to know dogs.
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I usually get, “Is she s puppy?” Yes. She is. But then they ask how old and are stumped. And I just say, “she’s the size well bred golden retrievers should be.” And I don’t discuss prices of stuff with people. Thankfully her training sessions for 7 weeks are inexpensive, so it blows peoples minds when I say “for 7 weeks it’s $30. Or $90”
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Mde13004 (06-17-2019)
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Yes so sad the golden retriever that people know now is far from the breed standard. They are even purposely breeding mini golden retrievers now! I think the most frustrating part about all of this is that I dont even talk about how much anything is but its the people that ask because they say they want one just like him. But then when I tell them they criticize! I think from now on ill just refer them to a golden retriever club for referrals or something lol people want everything so easy!!

Leo 08/02/18

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Emmdenn (06-18-2019)
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Someone asked me while we were flower shopping if I wanted to rehome my dog. I just stared like, “what a stupid question.” Told them where I got her and they said, “oh I’ve heard a lot about them.” And I laugh because they haven’t lol
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Originally Posted by Mde13004 View Post

First--how ANNOYING is it when people tell you that your Golden doesnt look like a golden because of how short he is or because he is too "fluffy" I am sick of it!! At this point i just google the breed standard and show people that he is perfectly normal. Tired of hearing people say he is too small and underweight at 68 lbs.

Honestly, I've said this before here... I know nothing at all about so many small breeds. They are all the same to me. There is a dog in my neighbourhood who is gorgeous - I *think* he is a pit bull? He may be something else entirely. I see tons of Australian shepherds and border collies, but I know nothing about the breed standard. See where I'm going here? When people ask me why Shala is so dark, or so small, I just tell them. It's just a friendly conversation.

Originally Posted by Mde13004 View Post
Second--I am sick of everyone just making fun of the money I spend on his health, food, and care. I have taken Leo multiple times to the vet his first year for various issues like ear infections, loose stools, hot spots, excessive weight gain and people think its over dramatic but they are serious things that need to be taken care of! My in laws had a golden and never took him to the vet for his ears because they said ears were just dirty all the time. It is perfectly normal to spend money on vet bills especially the first year!

This - I have nothing. I don't talk about what I spend on my dog. It's no one's business (or interest, likely).

Originally Posted by Mde13004 View Post
Third--I want to get Leo into showing and field training and people feel bad for him because they say that he will stop being a dog and wont have any fun. WHAT! I am trying to bond with my dog and give him a purpose. These dogs are meant to be working dogs and help and it brings them joy! What better way to give this to him??

Again, here, you just have to stop caring so much what other people think. I live in a busy downtown, work with mostly people who live in a big city. If they ask, I tell them I field train and track and dock dive with my dog. If they are interested in hearing more, they ask more. Most people have never ever heard of any of it but they all say it sounds really cool. I'm sure some of them think I'm a total weird dog person, but who cares? I know how much I enjoy my weekend life and dog friends and dog sports. I don't owe anyone an explanation - and neither do you!

"Joy and loyalty wrapped in sunshine "

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You know the saying, opinions are like..... everyone's got one. :P

People told me Bear couldn't be a golden mix. People told me he was going to be a "huge dog" when he was 3 years old and done growing cause "look at his paws!"

I've been asked if Lana is purebred "cause she's too pretty to be purebred" Whatever. We are not the best owners. The dogs don't go for walks b/c our neighborhood isn't safe. The dogs don't go to dog parks b/c the dog parks are frequented by ill-mannered people and dog fights are common. We don't do hikes unless we're on vacation. We go to class twice a week. We hang out at the breeder's house every few months. We play fetch outside. I want to start swimming classes now that her next show won't be until end of August.

People will judge you no matter what you do. My partner's hobby is video games and tabletop games. He gets weird looks from people who don't favor those things. My main hobby (after dog stuff) is crochet and other fiber arts, I've been told its a waste of time and money. I was into dog sports before Lana and my in-laws told me Bear was the worse behaved dog (cause I allow begging in my house, and let dogs snuggle on the bed with me). The only money stuff I disclose now is to other dog people and only if they ask (except for training classes at my club, I hand out cards and explain the benefits of using the club vs petsmart/petco for training. It's an honest to god steal @ $80 for non-members for an 8 week course. Membership is only $30 a year and you save $20 each class by being a member. I pay off my membership in two classes not to mention the free drop-ins).

So smile, nod your head, and move on with your day. Cause the only person whose opinion matters in regards to your dog is yours.

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