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Why? Seriously, Why???

Ok warning: Goldendoodle rant. I just received an e-mail from my aunt and uncle (we have a family group e-mail with the extended family to keep track of family events, news, chit chat, etc.) announcing that they are getting a goldendoodle puppy. I didn't know they were even considering getting a dog. The litter is too young to take home yet and I REALLY want to try to talk them out of it before they are fully committed-I assume they must at least have a deposit down, but hopefully haven't paid full price yet. But I don't know how to do it tactfully/respectfully; plus they're kids are like SUPER excited about it. Both myself and another cousin are very knowledgeable dog people; if they would have spoken to either of us first, we would have strongly discouraged a doodle-or any other mixed "designer" breed; and could have given them recommendations for a purebred to fit their desires and told them how to find a reputable breeder.

So what is it with doodles? How did they become such a fad? Why are people so willing to buy into the lies and pay exorbitant prices? How did these lies become so commonly accepted as truth by the general puppy buying public? Why do people just trust that breeders are telling them the truth? They wouldn't trust anyone else to be telling the truth when making an expensive purchase-car, house, computer, what have you-they would be doing research, hiring home inspectors, etc. So why do they just take a breeder's word for it? Breeders are just as capable of lying and over-pricing dogs as anyone in any other business! How did these deceitful doodle breeders get these lies to circulate as truth and to be so readily believed? Why is it that when those of us who know the truth try to tell people, we get written off and ignored by most? Why don't they write off and ignore the doodle breeders? I'll NEVER understand!

I'm sure my aunt and uncle are probably expecting an excited response from me because they know how much I love dogs. But I just can't get excited about them getting a doodle and being deceived and over-paying for it! Uhg, how I wish they would've have done some more research-or at least taken advantage of having TWO knowledgeable family members who would've directed them to a more appropriate purebred dog!

Ok doodle rant over!

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My 1st Golden and 4-H obedience champion who taught me so much about training and showing. You're the one who made me realize Goldens were the only breed for me! You are missed, my sweet girl.

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Tell them how much you charge for grooming them.

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I don't think the Doodles look good at all as an adult. They are only cute when puppies. You can't even tell if it's a GoldenDoodle or a LabraDoodle, always having to explain what it is. Not to mention there is no standard as they are still just mutts. A litter of 8 and none may look the same and none may look like the parents. The reason they started breeding these dogs together is to breed out the health issues (or so they say) and all they've done is create a dog with both breeds health issue in one. And it's just a cheap excuse to not have to do clearances since there is no prerequisite health clearances established to do for these dogs. Talk about a build free pass for not doing clearances. And then to top it all off they charge a CRAZY amount of money for a mutt.

My Neighbor jsut bought a Pomsky!? It's a female Husky artificially inseminated with a Chihuahua!? and paid 3k for it!? It looks like a blonde Pomeranian to boot and can get anywhere from 15-45 pounds. When I heard the name Pomsky, I though Pom x Skipperkie and thought they are both in teh Spitz family. Why the heck would anyone put them together. Then she told me the cross and I'm like OMG! lol Thinking all these people are doing is just helping them with keeping in business.

OK I don't like designer dogs either.

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I don’t understand designer dogs. Never will. Would never pay for one either.
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We have neighbors, I live in the country so they are 5 miles away, that's kids love my dogs. He has always played with them, and has begged for a Golden forever. His Grandmother went out and bought him a Golden Doodle last summer. The reason behind it was that poodles are smarter, and don't shed.

Fast forward to now and they are calling my son, who is a hunting guide and fairly decent handler, and begging him to come and teach the dog to stay in the yard, or just simply the "Here" command. My son, who is an adult, came to my house after one session of going to help and said that their golden doodle is the most high strung, hard headed dog he's ever dealt with. Keep in mind he runs Chesapeakes, owns a very high strung lab, and grew up with various Golden's around.

Their son is back to begging for a Golden. I will never understand why.
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I tried to educate a colleague of mine this past summer about why getting a designer breed was a bad idea - all very reasoned, explaining about the lack of health clearances (she was buying a mix of two giant breeds with no hip tests or anything), the mistruths about them being healthier, no guarantees on temperament, etc. and absolutely none of it mattered. It fell on deaf ears. Her mind was made up. She just loved the look of the dog.

I had no argument for that. And I knew my efforts were futile. Nothing mattered but how cute the dog was.

I think when it comes to Doodles, people get taken in by the promise of a Golden Retriever that doesn't shed. They have no idea that some of them DO shed, and that some of them get poodle personalities, and many of them are very volatile. And that the line about them being healthier than pure breds is a crock. I feel like it is akin to trying to talk to people who (still) think vaccines cause autism or kill dogs (and people) or who think science is evil and wrong.

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"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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I was at an agility trial the other week, and a woman came over to me with some kind of huge hairy dog (which I later found out was a goldendoodle), to admire Duster. She loved his colour, kept gushing about it, and eventually asked if he was intact. He is, and I told her so. She almost started jumping up and down with excitement! "Oh, how wonderful," she said. "Would you be willing to breed him to my poodle? We could make a boatload of money off the puppies!" I sent her away with a very firm assurance that my dog would not ever, in any circumstances, be used to produce mixed breed dogs with crappy coats that would likely end up in a shelter somewhere, and that I'd rather live under a bridge than make money that way. I hope I hurt her feelings.

As much as it made me angry, the encounter did provide some insight into the ethics and knowledge of certain doodle breeders. This particular woman is apparently a well-known doodle breeder in our region, and sells her pups for considerably more than I paid for my beautifully bred golden retriever. Yet, she thinks it's fine to approach random people and ask if they'll breed their dog to her female. She thinks it's fine to choose a stud based on colour only. The words "health testing" were never pronounced. She's clearly only in it for the money.

But people still buy her pups. Go figure. I sometimes think I was born on the wrong planet.


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My dog of a lifetime. I'll miss you forever.
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It's a tough call on your part. I suppose you can just talk to them about what they think the "good reasons" are for getting a doodle? Perhaps, as mentioned above, bring up the cost of grooming? You might be able to have a conversation with them as to what they think they are getting in the way of temperament, size, etc? Most likely it will just end up with hard feelings if you tell them what a big mistake they made. Definitely agree with everything posted above - people have no idea what they are actually going to end up with when they get a mixed breed like this. In talking with a breeder I know, she says she see's this all the time when she happens to be at the repro-vet with one of her dogs. She said most always the dogs being used are not the best quality to begin with - which is totally understandable because no good breeder is going to do that with either of the dogs being used. This of course opens the door to all sorts of health issues on both sides of the breeds in question. Good luck!
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My husband said it best, "Doodles are for people who don't really want a dog, but get one because their kids keep asking for a puppy."

They appeal to people who are looking for a half-assed commitment. Then they get the dog and realize they actually DO require training and grooming.

My husband is a surgeon and some of his colleagues have doodles (goldendoodle, bernedoodle, newfiedoodle). They always act shocked that we decided to get a Golden because of the shedding. Then they complain about how annoying and poorly behaved their dogs are... but at least they don't shed. They are all proof that even educated people can be willfully ignorant.
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It is amazing how many doodles and other designer mixes there are around. Recently a neighbor has acquired a Bernedoodle (Bernese x Poodle) and there was one in our puppy class. They're very cute but who knows how they'll be when mature. One is much larger than the other whose parent was a miniature poodle.

Our puppy class had one other Golden but I think the rest were some kindle of doodle. The owners seemed to be mostly first time dog owners, were very proud of there doodle and apparently paid lots of money for them. It seemed to me that the 2 Goldens were more intelligent and easily trained while the doodles were either hyper or very timid. I think the marketing of the designer breeds is taking advantage of a very uneducated market. People who have never owned a dog get to a point where their kids are begging for a dog, or they think their kids should have a dog, and they hear doodles are good . . . "they don't shed and they're hypoallergenic and the puppies are so cute" and they don't realize there are many other things to consider like temperament, health clearances, ultimate size, trainability, grooming needs etc.

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