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My boys wanted a dog for a few years. DH and I didn't. For a while my excuse was our old cat. She'd gone through the experience of having to deal with our old dog & she hated him. I told the boys it really wasn't fair to do that to her at her age - she should be allowed to live her golden years in peace. Last Christmas Day the cat died. :-( No more excuses. The first words out of my then 6 year old were "can we get a dog now?" He didn't really understand the finality of death at that point. DH and I still don't want a dog so we insist on a several month mourning period for the cat whilst we thought about it. Three things contributed to changing my mind. 1 - My sister told me "you know you will eventually get the boys a dog and they really are at the ideal age now to get one." I started thinking, you know she's right. The longer we wait, the less time the boys will have at home with the dog before they go to college. 2 - When I mentioned in passing to my pastor that the boys wanted a dog he immediately responded "well, why wouldn't you get one?" The
tone in his responce somehow completely minimized all my apprehensions about getting a dog - the work, the mess, what to do with the dog when we go on vacation, etc... 3 - During the summer I was re-reading James Herriot's Dog Stories. I got to the story about the troublemaker kid who for a few short weeks turned into a responsible, hard working kid to try to save his puppy. Then it hit home. I had grown up with dogs, how could I not give that same experience to my boys?? How could I not let them know the unconditional love and loyalty a dog has to give?? When they are 12 years old & feeling like no one in the world understands them, how could they not have a dog there to comfort them? How could they grow up not having a dog to play fetch with?? So, with me on their side, we finally got DH on our side at the end of the summer.

Now the matter was - where would we find our dog?? I really, really, really wanted a golden puppy but couldn't bring myself to pay that much for a dog when there are so many dogs out there needing homes. I put my name on the list for a Seeing Eye "reject." I checked out petfinder & the local rescues figuring I'd know our puppy when I saw it. I figured it might take a few months, but in the middle of September there was a listing for a 4 mo old golden puppy at a local vets. It just felt like it was meant to be. I went to see him right away and called DH to stop on his way home from work - and who can refuse a cute little golden puppy??? I called the next day & said we'd like to adopt him and Jonesy came home the day after that. I hadn't mentioned anything to the boys (in case it didn't work out) so we met them at the bus stop that afternoon with the dog. When my oldest son got off the bus it was love at first sight. He was all teary & just kept saying "I love him." My younger son refers to Jonesy as "my best friend."

I also have to say now that we have had Jonesy for 2 months, and he's settled in - I'm really happy we got him. I'd forgotten how nice it is to have a dog.
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I just turned 14 years old on the 12th of february my parents said i could have a dog. Well i was excited and asked my mum to take me to the library, When i got to the library i borrowed some dog breed books back then we didn't have the internet. Well i was searching through the books and reading on each dog. My mum kept telling me about her labrador Rex which i liked the sound of. I then came accross the page that had the labrador and golden retriever on it. I seemed to loved the look of the golden more then the lab i guess the feathering attracted me to them. My mum then went out and brought me a book just on golden retrievers so i could learn more on the breed. The more i read about goldens the more i loved them. By now it was about middle of august give or take. My mum then got a dog margazine which also listed breeders. Well my mum got in contact with a breeder that was 2 hours from us by now the puppies where only 4 weeks old.My mum really wanted female cause she said there cleaner but all the females were sold,Mum knew how much i wanted a dog and knew how excited i was i would be getting on very soon. So mum said ok we will take a male. We got a call 2 weeks later saying to come and collect our puppies, She said she normally doesn't let them go till 8 weeks old. She had an family emerancy and wouldn't be back for 2-3 months so wanted the new owners to come and collect there puppies. So the next day we went to collect our puppy when we walked through the gate we were greated by puppies and mum all the puppies were playing and runing around, Exept one male kept staying beside my feet wanting to be pated and cuddled so thats how i chose Einstein or should i say Einstein chose me.

Shelley on the other hand cause my stupid boyfriend wouldn't go to the breders house so i could see what the puppies were like,where they were kept,how they were brought up extra. MInd you the breeder was only an hours drive from his mothers place. We meet the breeder in a car park so when i saw Shelley she was scared and frightened. Also the poor baby throw up 3 times in the breeders car so didn't smell nicest. I was looking online at the classfields when i came accross an ad purebred registered golden retriever puppies 2 females 1 male, 1 female has an overbite so for sale for $500 the other 2 puppies are $600 all on main registration. When i rang her i asked her how old she said 12 weeks old, I then asked her why so cheap cause registered goldens on limited registration go for $850-$900 main go for $100-$1200. She said there that price cause they really need families of there own and she is finding it difficult to sell them.I didn't think anything from it by now i do. So i said ok i will take one but can't get down there till sunday-monday. I told her about my older male how he can be dominant towards some males she then said a female would be best choice. So i then said i will take the female that hasn't got the overbite, She then said she had people coming around to have a look on saturday so if i wanted that female i wil need to put a deposit on her. I did this without seeing pictures of the puppy. Shelley has some isscues from being locked up in a cement kennel run without much human attention or socialization. But i'm working through that. Other then that Shelley is a great dog.
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Well.... I had spent 4 yrs in university and had moved back home with my parents to help with the family business while I was looking for a "better job" (long story). I had kinda given up on finding that "better job" and had spent the year reconnecting with Chico (my old border collie/shep that passed this last winter). I had went 4 yrs without a dog and out of all the things that were challenging (moving from home for the first time, school, work, life), that was the most difficult part. And as much as I loved that old guy, I really wanted a puppy. So I emailed a breeder about 3 hrs from me and she emailed me back her phone number. I called her and she had a litter of pups that had just been born but all the girls were spoken for. I had my heart set on a girl, and my mom was NOT about to let me bring a male home. Chico was a male and the best dog ever, but her thinking was that 2 males would be a problem. At any rate, I called the breeder back, disappointed, and told her that it really had to be a girl and she told me about this litter of puppies that had been born the night before. There were 3 girls... she was taking one back (it was one of her puppies she sold and wanted a puppy back out of her), the breeders were keeping one and there was, of course, one left. They lived 20 mins from me, so I called. I went to look at them at 13 days old, fell in love with Sydney right off the hop and put a deposit down. I didn't know which puppy would be mine since the breeder I had originally talked to had 1st pick. The breeders knew I loved the one puppy but the wife liked the one that ended up being the 1st pick, and the husband liked the other puppy. So when the breeder picked her puppy, it was evident that Sydney was my girl.

Paige was a bit of a different scenerio as I already knew and was good friends with the breeders (same breeder). Paige's mom is the puppy they kept from that breeding that I got Sydney from. I was looking for another puppy and wanted it from the same lines as Syd, so when she was about to come into season, the breeders asked "do you have any studs in mind". I thought about it and thought about it and a breeder that I know (and LOVE) had a male that she kept from a very nice breeding. When I was looking for Sydney, I had fallen in love with this male's father. So I called them and said "Holly has Rio" and away they went. When the pups were 7 1/2 wks old, I went and evaluated the litter, but it was hopeless because when I picked up puppy #3, I looked at her face and was in LOVE. I stacked her up on the table and got a picture and that was the end of that.... I kept going back to her and saying "she's my girl". I have no doubt that I overlooked some other nice puppies in that litter, as there were 5 girls to choose from, but it was love at first sight. She had the temperment I was looking for for a good obedience dog and I've always been a "head person" and her head was to die for!

So that's how I ended up with my girls. BJ

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Thank you all for sharing your stories! So heart warming..
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My husbands parents had the most gorgeous golden you've ever seen and she was the reason we decided on a golden. I'd been desparate fo a dog since I'd left home, but only living in rented houses made it impossible. My husband always promised "when we get our own home......." After nearly seven years, we moved into our first home, and within 2 months I was on the hunt for a breeder.

Anyway, we visited a breeder I'd had a chat to over the phone and there were 3-4 puppies left. I remember when I first walked in, the first puppy I saw had this little tiny face staring up at me and I almost fell in love there and then. It turned out that this little face belonged to a boy, but I was absolutely fixed on getting a girl. So we go into the kitchen and knelt down, with the puppies running amock, and the little guy just didn't seem interested in us.

After a short period, this little golden fluffy ball had plonked her bum down in front of me, put her paws in my lap, rested her head and looked up at me. I think I'll remember that moment forever. Then she got up, ran about a bit more and came back to me. It seemed she kept on coming back to me. When she went up to my husband who was standing up, and he bent down to stroke her she just boldly looked up, smiling. (I still see that look in her today!) and knew she was ours. Best decision we ever made!
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