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Welcome to the club of people whose hearts are owned by their dog. It's a great world we live in, no finer companion ever existed than the one who is your "heart dog".

It's amazing what you overlook when you are loved the way they love us.

"To my mind, I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man."
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
Mahatma Gandhi

Golden Retriever Rescue of North Texas
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Missing Naughty Charlie

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You just cannot help but love dogs (Goldens) i don't think i could bear been without my dogs as you said they give so much love all the time and all they want to do is please you.
You have a bad day at work and they just come up smiling with a toy as a present for you and with me it just makes the day not so bad when i see them and it makes me smile.
Mine have done some naughty things at times but its soon forgotton.


Love me love my Dogs they are my best friends and soul mates

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And Hunter's too!
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Tim I can totally relate. In fact my DH and I were talking about that last night. I'd never been too much of an animal person growing up - we never had them, I was allergic, blah blah blah. But I knew my DH always loved dogs so about 2 years ago I got a wild hair up my butt and knew it was time to get a dog. He wanted a big dog and i wanted a dog known for being gentle and a family dog, therefore I got a golden named Shadow (ie monster!) He has been the biggest pain in the ass, stubborn, hard-headed and just tempermental. I was telling the DH last night that I'd never in a million years believe I could've fallen so head over paws in love with a dog, much less such a spirited one. Yep, the dog hair drives me crazy, but all it takes is one sweet look from him and I can't help but laughing and hugging him for whatever stupid feat he's just gotten into, again. In about another year I imagine he'll be the "perfect" angel doggie and I'll really look back at these days with laughter.

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Originally Posted by Lucky's mom View Post
The shedding drives me bonkers too....but the rewards are great. .
They shed???? I guess I stopped noticing a long time ago! I love everything about Phoebe. Timm23112, I'm so glad you joined the rest of us dog people.

Jan, Seamus, Gracie, Phoebe & Duke
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There's days when Rosco drives me crazy, but then he'll look at me with that cute little stare and i forget why i'm mad at him!
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Originally Posted by Lucky's mom View Post
The shedding drives me bonkers too....but the rewards are great. I'll never forget when Lucky stood up and ripped the window frame off the back of the house...
What is it about window frames???? Nygel chewed the frame around the sliding glass door, (2) windows, and 8 railings on the deck. I look like we have a "friggin" beaver in the back yard. This was all done while I was out in the yard working - mowing the lawn, in the hot tub, working on the gardens - & he wasn't the centre of attention.

Oliver just looks at me like "Mom, I didn't do it - HE DID!!!!!

https://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/...iver_thumb.jpg God, please take good care of my best friend, Oliver, who crossed The Bridge on Nov 3/08 at a young age of 3. Please help him find his golden sister, Becky, (April/06 - age 14) and help him find lots of tennis balls, stuffed toys, socks & shoes to carry around. He loves to go for walks through the bush carrying logs and swimming, please. We'll miss you, Sweet Ollie - forever in our memories.
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LynnMomto Sunny & Jasmine
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Welcome to the hairy dog club! Yep, black is out! My son says his clothes even come out of the dryer with hair on them but, who cares when that cold nose bumps your arm for a little lovin!

Our first Golden went through the screen on the front window! Neighbor's thought we were nuts! We just repaired the screen, trained a little harder and got another Golden! LOL

Jazzys Mom
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You sound like my husband. He endured rather than enjoyed dogs and my obsession for many years. He fought getting a second dog for ages. Now he talks about how fun it is with them and I can tell by how he talks to them he is crazy about them. As a matter of fact just last night they were all settled down and chewing bones and he went and got them totally riled up again. It's just like when the kids were little, then he goes off and leaves me with wired dogs.

He used to be really freaked about the living room carpt, too (stained). But now just talks about replacing it when Finny is mature. I don't add that I think they will still track in mud then, I just smile.

I'm glad for you Timm, it is a special relationship and it is good you found it!

Still crazy after all these years.
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Old Gold is the Best Gold
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While I am a serious dog person, and have been since childhood- my mother wouldn't let dogs in the house for years, and finally would, but only a Whippet or Basenji. Not a big, shedding, or playful/active dog ever. So my Golden Retriever obsession was based mostly in books, the GRNews, going to shows, dog training class... not with a pet Golden in my own house, as I didn't have that option. I got used to living quite clean, with a Whippet that never bounced about, never knocked things over, didn't shed, etc.

So although I knew I wanted Goldens in my house, I actually grew up to be quite a neat freak. Now, in my very early adult life, I was none too keen on Goldens all over my house. Whippets were fine- but shedding, jumpy, playing, goofy, panting big dogs?!? However, like many here, although I started out saying "this room is going to be Golden free!" and "The Whippets can get on this sofa, but not the goldens" etc... you can guess how long that lasted Yeah, about five minutes in 1998... LOL Literally within minutes of coming home our first few Goldens were on the sofa... and this was years ago... we don't make any rules now with one exception. I do have a nice common area of the living room that NO DOGS except Rig are allowed in without direct supervision (and that includes Epic). That's our guest area, and the area I can go sit and read or play on my laptop when I need a "dog free" zone for a little while LOL Its also the cats' dog free play area.

Keira and Zander definitely are a lot more work, mess, and more of a "presence" than Rig and Epic. But they're so beautiful, so loving, so cuddly, so funny... I love all four of my bozos dearly and I still have a pretty nice house. At the end of the day- my dogs are what I consider my most valued treasures. Who really cares about a bit of hair behind the sofa... and hey, I love to vacuum and Goldens give me the perfect excuse to vacuum every day That sometimes overwhelming presence of my Goldens is also my very favorite thing about them. I absolutely never ever feel alone with them. They're truly my buddies, and Zander is the most huggable dog I have ever known.
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It's amazing isn't it. DH wasn't a dog person either. Sometimes fast forwarding 20 years, isn't so bad.

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