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BajaOkalahoma, I am in agreement with you. I sometimew think I have lived to long as the world seems to have gone nuts. I can't believe how it has changed here in the past 6- years.

I hear language coming out of 6 year oold mouths that I didn't hear til I was in my 20's. I see kid running amuck because parents either can't or afraid to control them. I see prices headed out of sight as jobs head out of contry and illegals flood in I see govbernement sticking their noses in where it certainly doesn't belong. They are suppose to be of the people, for the people and by the not the people, not rulers of the people.

I believe in freedom of roganizatins, but ones like HSUS and Peta have NO BUSINESS being allowed to dictate to us. Like so many others, I use to think the HSUS was THE HUMANE SOCIETY and the donations I ssent in were being spred among all the cities. Let me tell you when I found out what it REALLY was, not only did I never sned another ree cent, I destroyed every "free gift" they had sent me--key chain, mug, shirt, umberella, etc.

I do not hold with capturing whales, dolphins, etc to have them put on shows like at Sea World. However, orphan ones can not survive in the wild and captivitiy is their only chance. I donot believe in circus. that is no life for the lions, tigers, elephants, etc. I don't even like rodeo['s--no life for those animals either. Zoos, well if they are ones that make a failry natural habitat and the animals have room, that is not so bad and can be edicuational as to the plight of animals. Circuses, trained sea animals, etc is not--jut interesint to watch them preform.

But I am ded agasint any group telling me what kind of dog I can have, if I can have a riding horse in a large pature, or plow horse that haslots of freedom and room, a milk cow that is in the pature all the time except milking time, etc. As long as these animals are wel cared for, you and the governement keep your nose out of my affairs.

Okay, I have vented. Goldens banned. I can think of some humans that I would prefer to have banned from my city, gnags, punjks, trouble makers, etv. LOL

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Goldens bring light into the world.
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MikaTallulah (07-12-2012)
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What was the goal of that writer re/writing that article? There are no facts or citations behind the statements. It's just gossip - and apparently intended to rile people up.

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MikaTallulah (07-12-2012)
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Beware of Nestle Purina
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Originally Posted by Penny's Mom View Post
Here's a link on PITA's stand on keeping pets.Animal Rights Uncompromised: 'Pets' |
They are crazied moonies. They say to not got to pet stores to buy pets- Agreed but not to go to breeders- Not BYBs is ridiculous. Of we all spayed and neutered like they suggest then with in a few decades cats and dogs would be extinct.

I do what I like and like what I do. Yorkies- Cozy (4/1/06), Roxy & Zoey (2/11/08), Lucy (4/6/09); Golden- Buddy (4/13/09- Rescued 12/11) Maine Coon cats- Mika (1998) and Tallulah (2000)
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Originally Posted by BajaOklahoma View Post
I have heard that the Goldens and Labs account for a high number of bites.
They don't take into account the large number of these breeds means that the percent of biters is low. And that this includes minor bites, means nips.

I think I'm glad I'm getter older - the World is becoming too stupid to live in much longer (no, I'm not suicidal).
I totally agree. Common sense is dead.

**Fraulein "Maggie" Louise 8/2/95 - 7/20/09**
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I'm not worried, cause I have seen government try to control the fighting breeds in my area and they are a complete failure at this. They sit there and make laws but have no one to enforce them. They yell a lot when it is voting years, but do nothing when elected.

Any dog will bite if forced into a "Fight or Flight" situation. Because of the popularity of a breed means there are many the bite stats show higher, but if you divide by how many there are of the breed the bite ratio may be very small. Why don't we impliment a law that says "Idiots can't have any pets" ?

I wouldn't worry at all, the government is too busy trying to see how much more money they can steal from the Baby Boomers to worry on what breed of dog you can keep.

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I want to surround myself with people who are "Cracked" for they are the ones that let the Sun Shine in.
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Originally Posted by MikaTallulah View Post
They are crazied moonies.
At least you don't live where they have their HQ. There are some genuinely nice people that work there, but there are some militant types too.

In fairness to them though, they do have a very nice dog park on that property. I haven't taken Gus there, but I have gone with friends whose dogs are 'sterilized'.

PETA's Dog-Park Webcam |

The webcam doesn't work on my work computer, but it worked the last time I took a gander from home.
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