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Since you live in a place without the best options for veterinary care, and you love your girl, the age of 12 is elderly for a golden retriever. It's possible that bloodwork, etc could be done and you might find out what is wrong and it could possibly be fixed with medication. But what if you do all that, and still can't find out what it is? Will this prolong her pain? Will this prolong your pain of watching her do so poorly? I've made the choice to let my goldens go, several times over the years. It doesn't get easier, but the signs of deciding when to let them go, are a little more easier to see with each of my goldens that have passed. For me when I decide to let them go I have a few lines in the sand. One is pain, if I can no longer manage their pain. Two is eating, if they have stopped eating, no matter what I've tried. Three is visible clues, like distance in their eyes, or not knowing who I am or what is happening around them. You'll have to decide what your lines in the sand are.

Goldens are the best dogs in the world. I empathize with you having to make this decision. Whatever you decide, do not beat yourself up. Only you can decide for her. Be her advocate. What would she want? What is best for her? Unfortunately our dogs don't live forever and we have to make those decisions for them. Whatever you decide we will not judge you, we all only wish you and her the best through this difficult time. Her passing will affect your whole family, so include them in your decision. Let us know how things go. We all wish you well.

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I believe Chloe deserves at least a biochemistry blood profile if you suspect cancer IN ADDITION to blood parasites test.If not cancer,it can a much easy health problem such as Lyme ,anaplasma or ehrlichiosis which are quite cheap to treat with antibiotics.If this is also a considerable cost for you,I would contact each GR rescue possible to ask for their assistance.They can even start fundraising for you .HOWEVER ,I believe you owe at least this chance to Chloe.I wouldn't be able to let go of any of my dog or rescued ones without finding first what is wrong.If it is cancer ,again it 's treatable depending on the type.I hope it's something minor and I literally beg you first to contact a GR rescue and if at least the blood tests exceed your budget,I would surrender her definitely to a rescue which sometimes happens to be the case.

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I'm so sorry. I would call your Vet and ask for an examination, a lot can be told with just a senior blood panel test. Then go from there. It is obvious something major is wrong. My last Golden that I had started getting lumps on her, she slowed way down and could no longer walk with me. I still remember her last walk. She always wanted to go with me and I would feel bad and take her but the last time we walked a half of block and she just stopped. I knew she couldn't go any further. It was a sad wake up call for me. She could no longer jump into the car, on a Vet trip she couldn't step up into the car. I tried lifting her and she growled at me (I'm crying remembering this) That dog put up with 4 kids playing like crazy on her running with her pulling on her, she never ever ever growled at any of us. I knew then that she was truly in pain and it was another hard wake up call for me. She was 12, almost 13. I talked with my Vet about her changes, she also was eating less. My Vet suspected she was probably full of cancer and it was spreading fast. She said doing all kinds of test wasn't necessary because she was pretty sure by her symptoms what was going on. She told me I would know when it was time. I took her home and did not want to decide to end her life, we went a couple more weeks but I could see her getting worse. So I would have to say the hardest decision was making the decision. When I saw pictures of her after how skinny she looked and old I was sad I didn't make the decision sooner.

I went through another situation with our cat. Both my Golden and cat grew up together. A few years after my Golden died my cat started losing weight and throwing up. I did everything I could and spent a lot of money on him but he got worse, again I didn't want to put him down but when I saw him laying on the floor one day so skinny, he looked dead. I started crying because then I knew it was his time as well. So I'm so sorry you have to decide and are going through this. It is not easy. These pets are part of our families and lives.
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Sorry to hear. You'll know when it's time I believe. My Golden is 13 1/2 yrs. Started having seizures last July. Off and on since. Terrible to see. He bounces back to normal so it's hard one to deal with. 3 weeks ago he lost appetite and had one. Went a week not eating good had another good one were he wouldn't get up at all for almost 24 hrs. I was going to put him down but just as the time came he got up and walked poorly but went outside to pee,etc. and within a few hours was walking better etc. now a week later hes better then ever. Eating like a champ and loves his walks. Such torment to deal with.

He's such a good dog. And they are so hard to replace. You just can't go down to a store and find one. Good breeders are far and few between and have litters booked in advance. It will be hard to find another Golden when he goes. I'm looking now cause I can't see him living much longer really but can't seem to find one. I have the time (retired) and place (3 acres in the country) to keep two.
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FWIW - I'll tell you about my recent scare with my oldest.

I do have access to (mostly) wonderful vets.

My 11 year old Faelan, slowed down and stopped eating -- his last meal noted was on a Friday morning and he was very reluctant to eat that. My older girl Towhee was due to go into season so I thought maybe? Anyway, on Saturday Towhee went to her co-owners for safe keeping and Faelan still would not eat.

Monday night he was at the E Vets; I had a horrible experience as this vet refused to listen to me, insisted she heard a heart arrythmia and off he went for X-Rays. Vet was amazed his heart looked clear but thought she saw 'something' in the lower portion -- his abdomen. She flat out refused to give me pain killers for my dog screaming in my face he was not in pain and there was nothing wrong with his mouth. I tell you this merely to show that sometimes you need to fight for your dog. I got the pain killers by adamantly insisting -- enough for a few days while we awaited analysis of the X Rays.

XRay results came back as inconclusive concerning that 'spot' but his heart was normal, so at this point he was under my regular vets care. I had a dental scheduled but this was postponed pending an ultrasound for his abdomen. While we awaited the Ultrasound appointment (tech who only came in once a week), I got more pain killers for my Faelan.

In the meantime Faelan had lost 6 pounds but was eating if I hand fed him. He went for his Ultrasound and results were still unremarkable so he finally was scheduled for a dental! Still on pain killers and still losing weight rapidly. At this point he was nearing skin and bones.

His dental? He had a (benign) tumor on his gum causing a LOT OF PAIN. Tumor out and I asked the vet I trusted if she heard the arrythmia -- he was on the monitor the whole time in surgery and there was no problem noted with his heart's rhythm.

He went home with a few more days of painkillers and is now back up to his normal weight, running & playing, eating gleefully and fully back to being my Faelan.

Now I had actually made a grid of possible scenarios as he went for these tests and I awaited results and he was not giving me signs he was ready to go... but a golden (or any dog) not eating is a hard thing combined with the lack of energy so most of my results had my Faelan not coming home from the UltraSound. The tears were endless as I made my way through those weeks.

Why am I telling you all this --- have her mouth checked, have blood work done if at all possible, talk to the vet if possible. It may be a thyroid problem or something like a mouth problem. If not, you can make the best possible choices from there.

FWIW: My mother told us that a dog we had was sick and in pain, and she could not make him better any more so she had to do right by him and relieve him of his pain. This we could understand. As kids, it hurt losing our dogs but she always gave us the chance to say our goodbyes and it helped --

I wish you peace in whatever decisions you need to make.

Sharon with her golden crew Faelan, Towhee, Brady, Aedan

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I am new on here because we just got our new golden puppy and I love the advice and support on the forums. I saw this thread and just had to tell you our story.

We had to make that awful decision 2 1/2 weeks ago with our beautiful Odin. Our golden was going to be 16 on February 14 of this year. I so wanted to celebrate that birthday with him and it guts me that he is not here. I am so sorry you are going through this but I would also definitely do bloodwork. At least it will give you an idea of what is going on but not be too expensive. This is what happened to us.

We almost lost Odin at 12 yrs of age. He stopped eating and lost a tremendous amount of weight. We had no idea why. He was not voiting though. We took him to the vet and they did the blood work. It came back excellent so it gave us hope, there had to be a reason for this. I started researching a homeade diet and getting him the right nutrients. In the end I got a cookbook for dogfood from the vet. In the beginning when I was getting him back on track I started hand feeding him to get him going and feeding smaller, frequent meals. It took a couple of months but we got him eating well again and he LOVED the homeade food. It was a lot of work but so worth it. I just made big batches and froze serving size portions. We still had problems off on and on with feeding but about a year later when his skin started getting crusty and hair was falling out we/the vet finally figured out he was dealing with outside allergies. We put him on an allergy med and he was great right up until after Christmas. I think the allergies were so bad that he even had an upset tummy. He had arthritis and that hurt him but we had him on pain meds for that too. He had a good quality life until after Christmas when old age got him and his body was just shutting down. That had to be one of the hardest things we have had to do. And yes it is normal to question yourself and feel guilt as well as the sadness.

Reading this thread was hard but I wanted you to know that there may be a chance to help your golden and if not I am so sorry. It is not easy losing them. Good luck.
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How is Chloe doing?? Has been on my mind since quite time.
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