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Two part questions

First the simple one. How much should a seven month old golden be fed daily? Mine gets 3 cups fed on two separate feedings daily. She weighs approximately 33 pounds. Second question: I recently took her for her first trip to a doggie park. There were two sections- one that said 25lbs and under the other for over 25. She still being a puppy and very gentle and playful I decided to try the 25 and under area. She had a ball running and playing with the other dogs. Unfortunately she jumped and cane down on a small dog who helped. Nothing major nothing vicious. However; I was not so kindly asked to remove her. I than went to the big dog area and there were five or six big dogs inside it. Two being Rottweilers. I watched for a bit but decided against going in. I was afraid the larger older dogs might not appreciate her playfulness. What to do? I would love to be able to get her socialized with other dogs!!!!
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I'm not a fan of dog parks, period. I've owned chihuahuas and can tell you from their owners perspective they do not appreciate 33 lb pups mugging their babies. I realize your pup meant no harm but think about it... their pups around 6-15 lbs. I owned a daycare and absolutely NEVER would put a larger breed (even as a puppy) together with small dogs, too much chance for accidents. Just getting stepped on can break a limb.

Puppies do not belong in dog parks at all. It's not safe, they will learn bad behavior. They will feel overwhelmed and unsafe. All it takes is one dog to bully your pup to have a pack of dogs tearing your pup to shreds and it can happen in seconds. Most owners do not monitor their dogs, it's just a social event for them. It's a lazy way to give their dogs exercise vs. working with them on manners. You have no idea of the temperament of the other dogs or control of them, it's a recipe for disaster. I won't even take my adult dogs to the dog park, much less a puppy.

As far as food it's hard to say how much is the right amount of food for your dog. Most pups slow down on the growth about this time and requires less food. If the pup is overweight, cut back. An adult golden usually maintains quite well on 2 cups a day, with minimal treats anyway.
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I don't think dog parks are terrible, but they can be. It comes down to the dogs and their owners.

I take mine to the dog park daily. We have no other option since we're living in an apartment for the moment and he needs to run.

If it says small dogs, that doesn't mean large breed puppies. Yours will easily seem intimidating by size and temperament off the bat to the smaller dogs. I'm not a fan of "large" dogs in the small area and vice versa. There's separation for a reason. Sally Sue may think her dachshund does so well with large dogs (since he does at home of course) until she puts him in the "large" arena with herding dogs who think he's a prize to be won.

Go when the large dog area is less crowded, for us this is in the mornings around 9 or 10 am. Some of Rooney's closest dog friends have been pits and rottweilers (His gf is a Rott named Lilah, they're inseperable). For me it's not just about the dog but how the owner keeps up with the dog as well. You need to be very hands on in the beginning. Playtime can turn into rougher play time, and communication could easily stir up a dog fight in seconds. We go at the same time every day so he's formed a bond with the regulars and I'm comfortable with their parents so I've started to stand back a little when he plays. He's learned where the "too rough" line is.

Take him for a walk around the perimeter of the park and let him sniff through the gate if he or you feel uncomfortable with the dogs inside, but don't let breeds steer you away unless their behavior is off. If there's any "issues" then hold the owners accountable and ask them to leave. I've never been to a dog park that didn't have rules on aggressive behavior.
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Dog parks are awful places to "socialize" a young dog - or any dog, for that matter. You have no control whatsoever over the other dogs that go there, or their owners, and it literally takes a few seconds for things to turn bad. The problem with a young dog is that, if something happens - if a dog is aggressive towards your pup - it's too late. The damage is done. You can hold the other owner accountable and you can ask them to leave, but you can't undo the damage that's been done to your dog.

If you want him to learn how to behave with other dogs, identify a nice adult dog and organize one-on-one play sessions. Let the other dog teach yours about how much is too much. Enroll in a good obedience class. But please, don't go to a dog park with a bunch of unknown dogs. It's a recipe for disaster.


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If you want to socialize your puppy and have him/her interact with other puppies, enroll in a puppy kindergarten class run by a reputable trainer. You'll also get valuable training tips that will make life for you and your dog much more enjoyable.
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Not a fan of dog parks.
Not only that, I am not so sure dogs necessarily need to go meet other dogs and play with them. If you teach your dog it's ok to go play w stranger dogs in a dog park, do you want your dog to pull and not be able to settle if you are walking on leash and meet another dog on leash?
Plus in my experience, the people who go to dog parks and let their hellions run loose are not the most observant or knowledgeable about body language. I for certain wouldn't suggest letting a puppy be corrected by adults who are not known to be safe correctors.
Puppy kindergarten at an obedience club is a far safer place to play and learn.

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We have been warned about taking our dogs to dog parks by our vets. Apparently many are a place where disease begins (Parvo too in Nevada). Another problem where I live is that many dog parks are visited daily and nightly by predators Coyotes. To make things of the better and larger parks here have caves full of bats..Bottom line..No dog parks for us.

The dog flu has also been rampant out here, so it's best not to tempt fate.
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I don't go into a fenced dog park unless there are only 2 or 3 dogs inside. The large majority of the time I go to dog parks is for distraction training. I work with my dog outside the fenced area and me dog had to be able to focus on me when there are people and other dogs just a few feet away. Then after 20 min of work on and off leash we ego for a walk around the park ( 3 mile loop around a community park). If there are just a couple of dogs in there we might go in for a few minutes. That's Maggie's treat for a good training session, getting to play for about 15 minutes with a couple of dogs. We do this once or twice a week and 3 other days we go to places like Lowe's, Home Depot, PetSmart Walmart, swimming and a large hospital for just general training and socializations. Maggie is out 5 or 6 days a week.

More then 2 or 3 dogs and it's a no go. Most people don't even pay attention to their own dogs in a dog park, they just play with their phones. Dog fights and dogs being bullies in dog park is fairly normal, these dogs have to business being off leash in a park and whether there's an issue the owners act like nothing is wrong our that it's some other dog that caused the issue first.

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I joined a facebook page for goldens in my area, and people are reaching out to introduce their pups to mine. I also posted here and have connected with another golden owner in my area, + a neighbor has a 3 year GR and she is all for the idea of our pups socializing. Reach out to the community. I did try the dogpark, but....its not my choice. My guy is submissive, and regardless if he cowers or not, some of the bullies come at him and nip. I am not interested in a Vet bill in my future from a dogpark. So its a no go for me. Petsmart in my area has a puppy meet & greet once a month. There are other options then dogparks. Thanks Denise
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Originally Posted by Sydney_Beige View Post
I joined a facebook page for goldens in my area, and people are reaching out to introduce their pups to mine.
Same! It's been really helpful. I'm also in touch with some of our pup's siblings who stayed local, via the breeder's fb group.
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