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4 month old puppy

My boy Sunny has just turned 4 months old .He does not want to go in his crate anymore.He used to go right in his crate and go to sleep.We only use the crate at night.He can’t be trusted outside of his crate at night.I just recently moved the crate out of our bedroom because he wakes up my wife who is a light sleeper.So now I have the crate in the living room by the couch we’re I have been camping out.I wish I could let him out at night but he’s a chewer.When he was little we used to keep him in a pen which he can play in.He barks at us now if he is in the pen.Last night was the first night I moved the crate and he was like panting and drowning .Tonght he was barking a lot so I took him out.Anyone ever used a playpen for there puppy to sleep.Hes about 40 pounds already.
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Sunny is sleeping through the night without potty breaks.I brought him back inside and now he is sleeping outside his crate on the floor.We are in the living room which is blocked off.The only problem is I know if I leave the room he will bark.I would like to go back and sleep with my wife eventually.
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Bumping up
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I have always kept my dogs in the bedroom. They really want to be with their people. Could your wife wear earplugs?
Since he stayed out last night you may have a fight on your hands for a couple nights getting him back in. I know some people do not keep them in the bedroom so maybe they will give some advice. Keep in mind he's still a little baby. Best wishes for a good night's sleep soon.

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I have always kept my dogs in our bedroom. I am also a light sleeper. I think yours wants to be in your room. I agree ear plugs might help. I have 2 dogs and not a big bedroom. When my Golden was around 6 months I moved both dogs to a different bedroom. I think it worked because I had 2 dogs and they were with each other. I also put my dogs in their kennels when I go out as I don't want to come home to a mess. For your sake and sanity I think move back to the bedroom and get the earplugs.
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Hi there! I have a 5 month old golden puppy, and he has always spent the night in his crate in our living room (and a good portion of the day while he’s sleeping too) while I sleep in the bedroom. So far, he’s never cried or barked in his crate. I can share a few things I’ve done to encourage him to LOVE his crate and think of it as an awesome place, just in case they’re helpful for you!

1. In the early days, when he was a tiny pup, I would pick him up and put him in his crate. Before closing the door I would give him a little chewy toy/treat so he had something to nibble on.

2. When he got too heavy for me to pick up and put in the crate, I realized I needed to come up with a plan so he’d go in there himself. I started opening the crate door n crouching by the crate, and patting his bed - whenever he went in by himself, I would immediately give him a treat as a reward. It’s been several months now, n he runs in there at full speed several times a day in the hope of a treat 😂 I often have to tell him to please come out, cose he’ll just sit in there with the door open.

3. Since he started teething a month or so ago, I give him a frozen chew toy (the kind I can put some frozen pumpkin/raw goats milk in) so he has something to chew in the crate for a good 30-40 minutes, and by the time he’s done, he often falls asleep

4. I have never sent him in his crate as a punishment.

5. The one thing that has helped me and my pup a lot is having a fixed schedule for all days of the week, so he knows exactly when bedtime in the crate is, when play time is, when we go out etc. The few times I have him go in his crate when it’s not bed time, he looks at my face like what is wrong with you lol, it’s not bedtime 😂

6. I place something that he loves in his crate as well - like a scarf he stole from me the first day he was home n loves, or one of his toys that he’s fond of and that are safe for him to be alone with. I often find him using these as a pillow or just holding them gently in his mouth while he’s sleeping.

Good luck! I know how exhausting it can get taking care of a puppy, we have our hands full, with something or the other!
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It was a good night last night.He fell asleep outside his crate and slept all night.The only problem is me getting back in my bed.I am sleeping on the couch.Lol.Another problem is he wants to go to bed around 11 or so when I need to go to bed around 9 .I wake up early for work.If I leave the room he wakes up.Im hopefull that he will get used to sleeping in the living room by himself.I find myself tip toeing to go to the bathroom at night.Ive heard of other Golden’s sleeping in different rooms from there owners.My boy loves to be by me.Sleeping in my room is not a option because I already have my 5 year old daughter coming in my bed in the middle of the night.We are trying to teach her also to sleep in her own bed.Sleeping in the living room is working and he is doing fine .I just need to get back in my bed eventually.Anyone dealt with a situation like this.Thanks for the feedback
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Sunny sure is a beautiful pup. We have a 3.5-month-old pup, Brody! Brody is our second Golden. At first, Brody barked and wined a good bit when first going into his crate. Just as a small child usually cries, or shows dislike when it's bedtime, they will eventually settle down an go to sleep when they realize it's bedtime. From our experience with our three sons when they were younger and now, Brody, kids, and puppies have to learn to adjust to your schedule. Otherwise, you'll be doing as you are now, camping in the living room with your pup.

Yes, Sunny will bark if you leave the room, but let him bark. As long as you're confident he doesn't need to go outside and that he isn't hungry, let him bark until he settles down. For us, Brody doesn't bark or wine any longer when going into his crate. I once saw on a post about crate training to not make a big deal out of putting a pup in the crate or when letting them out. Likewise, when I walk past Brody's crate, I never make eye contact and I don't say anything to get his attention.

It sounds like you're adjusting to Sunny more than he is adjusting to you. Sunny has learned that if he barks he will get your attention, so why wouldn't he bark??? Now that this behavior has become the way for getting your attention it's going to be more challenging to break, but it's doable.

We never placed the crate in our bedroom. We placed the crate just outside our bedroom in a hallway. Brody can't see us from his crate, but he is close enough.

You mentioned that Sunny can't be trusted at night because he is a chewer. So, when does Sunny sleep? Once again, I suspect you're adjusting to Sunny's schedule vs. Sunny adjusting to yours. All pups are chewers at this age.

We have been using dried pig ears, and more recently we purchase beef bone shanks that are full of bone marrow. Pigs ears are tough, and I think better than rawhides. They don't tear easily, nor is Brody able to break off huge chunks that could be a choking or digestive concern. It usually takes him roughly 24 hours to go through one. In the process, he tires himself out and sleeps like a rock. The bone shanks are healthy and good as well. Bone shanks don't splinter, and Brody can chew on one for days... I get bone shanks that are big enough that he can't swallow either. You may want to give this a try.

Lastly, try playing with him before bedtime to tire him out. Play a gentle means of tug of war, or have him fetch a ball. Brody likes both, and these activities tire him out after maybe 15-20 minutes at this age. As you're probably aware, once Sunny gets older, it will take more activity to tire him out. Just this past week I took Brody for his first walk downtown as the temps finally became more suitable for this activity. We socialized with people and other dogs. We took our walk in the late afternoon. Brody was worn out by the time we got home. He slept most of the evening and easily went to bed at bedtime.

It takes a little bit of creative thought and planning, but work or getting Sunny to adjust to your schedule by doing things with him when the time is right for you. In the process, try to anticipate how your activity with Sunny will create the desired results you want. Make sense?

Hope this was helpful...Keep us posted on your progress.


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He does sleep at night but just takes a while to settle down.A bone would definitely help me .I was told we can’t give puppies bones.He is a big dog already .Any recommendation on bones??
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I know he doesn’t need to pee cause I make him pee before I take him in.i also take him to the park everyday or the school across the street .We play fetch everyday.I know he gets enough exercise.
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