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How to go about adopting a golden

A couple months ago my golden retriever passed away. We adopted him when he was 5 years old from a lady who could not keep him anymore. He was the best dog, very well trained, friendly, people oriented, and very cute. He lived to be 15 years old.

We want to adopt a golden retriever again but would like to adopt it from a family who couldn't keep it anymore. Our experience was awesome and we would like to give another golden a home. I live in new england and through research have found that there are many adoption websites, but I dont know if these are right for us. I liked the experience of adopting from a person and loved how trained and awesome our golden was.

I was wondering if anyone knew any good places to look for people who have golden retrievers they cannot care for anymore. I have checked Facebook and craigslist, but wanted to know if there were any specific Facebook groups or placed that I should be looking.

Thank you and please help me find another forever best friend!
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I am sorry for the loss of your Golden, 15 years was a long good life.

There is a Group on Facebook called Golden Retriever Rescues and rehomes-Us and Canada.

You will have to request to join the group-

Here is the link for the GR Rescues in the US by State, Contact info is provided for each group. You can view the adoption requirements, process, view available dogs, submit an application on line. Contact the Group closest to where you live, each Group has an area they service or cover.

National Rescue Committee of the Golden Retriever Club of America

Keep checking Craigslist, for Goldens in shelters and with Rescue Groups.

Good luck in your search, hope you find a new family member soon.
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Sorry for your loss.
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I am sorry for your loss. We know how hard it is to let them go. One word of caution, a lot of Goldens are rehomed for behavior issues which usually are from lack of training or because they have been left out in a yard alone. They are by no means a lost cause, it just may be a lot more work than you expected. It sounds like you got really blessed with your boy.

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Hi All,

I am having a problem finding rescues that will allow you to adopt a Golden if you don't have a fenced in yard. Is this a common problem?
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After losing our first Golden to cancer, we also decided to adopt a rescue, preferably a puppy, which can be challenging since many rescue services rarely have puppies for adoption due to the demand for Golden Retrievers.

What we learned in the process is that many reputable services put the potential adoption family through rigorous steps for all the right reasons. Most people won't go through all the steps unless they're serious in providing a safe, loving, and forever home. This may include multiple long drives to view the facilities and meeting all the dogs in the rescue services care. We went through Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies (GRRR). They're a wonderful group of volunteers who take great care in finding their dogs/puppies the right homes. We had to make three one way 4.5 hour drives to view their facilities, meet their staff, and to meet all the dogs in their care. Ultimately, we made two more trips to meet all the pups they had at the time, and on the last trip to pick up our newly adopted puppy, Brody.

I found the first trip there most interesting in that rather than spending much time talking with us; we spent much of our time meeting all their dogs. Honestly, had it been possible, we would have adopted all of them. We immediately fell in love with each dog we met. It wasn't until the trip back home that I realized why they did this. Obviously, we couldn't adopt all of their dogs, and they had plenty at the time. I determined that the reason for having us meet all of their dogs was to see how their dogs reacted to us and how we reacted to their dogs. I'm not certain of this, but it does make sense if you think about it. People can and will say almost anything, but how people interact with dogs and how dogs react to us speaks volumes. Don't get me wrong, we also went through the interview process where we had to answer plenty of questions, i.e., have we ever had a pet, ever had a Golden, how many other pets do you have, work schedules, how long will the pup be home alone, do you plan to crate train, do you have a fence, do you live in a apartment or stand-alone house, etc. GRRR has a proven process, and they don't take any shortcuts. Only someone with a serious desire to adopt will be selected for one of their dogs/pups.

GRRR only provides their dogs/pups for adoption to Colorado residents, but I'm confident you can find a similar service in your area. One thing to be aware of is that rescue dogs rarely if ever have any health certifications, which can be an expensive issue. My wife and I were well aware of the risks involved, but hey, all dogs need a loving home. We were willing to accept these risks.

In the end, we were selected to get one of a litter of nine of pups that were born by a recent pregnant female GRRR took in. We actually got first pick from the four male pups, so we were pretty fortunate, and our timing couldn't have been better. So far, Brody is healthy and doing well. He is 5.5. months old now and weighs 41.6 lbs.

Kem0128 asked if not having a fence can be a problem with a rescue or adoption service... As mentioned, GRRR requires a fenced yard, which we do not have. In the beginning, I thought this may have been a deal breaker, especially when I didn't hear back from them after a filling out their adoption application and after a few weeks passed. So I sent GRRR an email with photos showing River, our last Golden, enjoying being outside in the Colorado air on our large ground level enclosed deck. I also stressed in the email that we have never allowed any of our past pets to be outside unaccompanied. Even when using the deck, we never allowed River to be on the deck if we weren't home with him. You'll also probably find that electric fences will not be accepted as well. I agree with this in that electric fences won't keep predators or other dogs out. Likewise, I know of many past examples where electric fences won't keep a Golden Retriever in either.

I hope this was helpful...


River, RIP Ole Boy, 5/04/08 -12/15/18

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Originally Posted by Kem0128 View Post
Hi All,

I am having a problem finding rescues that will allow you to adopt a Golden if you don't have a fenced in yard. Is this a common problem?
It depends on the GR Rescue, some are willing to make exceptions if the applicant is an experienced Golden owner and it also depends on the available dog that is matched with the applicant.

I suggest calling and speaking with the Adoption coordinator.
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My dogs have always been rehomed to me from previous owners with the exception of the girl I got from a breeder. I just took possession of a 19 month old male that I saw on Craigslist (gasp!) The story is that of the previous owners 4 children, the 11 month old, has serious respiratory issues, so he was in need of a new home. Meeting the owner tugged at my heart. He is gorgeous, sweet, gets along fabulously with my resident females but does need a brush up on obedience. He'll sit and down but stay goes in one ear and out the other. So we are tweaking his skills.

Nobody can believe this boy was posted on Craigslist. I do know you have to be aware of the numerous scams but there are legit ads as well. Just thought I'd share my experience.

Good luck in your search.

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Don't forget to check your area Humane Societies or County Shelters. Check their websites, sign up for notifications if a Golden comes in. Also check on

I found my current boy at my County shelter, he was turned in as a stray. I adopted him at the age of 2, he's 10 now. He apparently belonged to someone at some point in time because he knew basic commands when I got him, he's been the easiest dog I've ever had. He's never torn up anything in the house, I've never had to crate him, he fit in right away, didn't need any time to settle in or adjust. He made himself at home the minute he walked in the door, I've been really lucky.
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All I can say is good luck finding one, they are hard to find! (Which is probably a good thing actually since it means that not many goldens get given up or are in need of homes!) In my opinion, rescues have entirely too much red tape to work through making it nearly impossible for decent homes to adopt a dog. You'd be better off trying to find a privately re-homed dog through Craigslist, newspaper, facebook, or whatever. The facebook group that Carolina Mom mentioned-I used to be a part of that, but then I got kicked off for asking (politely) why they were posting so many dogs that were NOT goldens or golden mixes. At least when I was in the group, majority of dogs posted were Great Pyrenees, Lab mixes, or pretty much any mix that happened to be brown or golden in color even if it didn't look like it had a drop of golden blood in it. Anyway, my opinion of that group is obviously not good since they hurt my feelings by kicking me out for an innocent question. Also, many rescues import their goldens from Turkey or China or wherever. I personally would not support those rescues because you can bet those dogs from Turkey and China who are supposedly "street dogs" or "meat dogs" (street dogs who happen to only breed with other goldens and are all purebred? And if its a meat dog they want, there are many other breeds better suited to meat, so you can bet they aren't breeding purebred goldens for meat.) are being purposely bred for America's ludicrous adopt don't shop craze, so you are just supporting bad breeders in other countries-better to support good breeders-or even mediocre breeders-in America than bad breeders in foreign countries. I do NOT have a problem with wanting to adopt a dog, by the way. Just don't like how the adopt don't shop pushers are bullying or guilt tripping people into adopting when an adopted dog may not be the best fit for them. Anyway, not to be all doom and gloom, you CAN find goldens out there, it just isn't easy and may take quite a long time because when they are available, they get snatched up quickly! Good luck in your search! I hope that when you do find one, you come back and post pictures!

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