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I live in the area these people say they are from. I honestly have never heard of them. There are only two breeders in this “area” I would ever consider a puppy from and one is WOM/active in confirmation/respected and the other referred by a GRCA club/active in confirmation.

Huge word of caution for this area: you will encounter “home hobby” folks selling puppies for $1500 saying they’re raised in a home environment. They don’t have clearances. I was told by one they were going to use $$ from the litter to do clearances. It wasn’t the dogs first litter- so what was the point? You’d already bred 2 liters and were on your third. It was basically trying to shut me up.

Also, my massage therapist knows several people working to shut down puppy mills here and said the dog wardens have found so many cases where they’re now placing dogs in “family homes” to breed them. Therefore, they’re skirting the mill. But they’re not doing clearances, they’re breeding excessively. And they could have 15 dogs in 15 different homes. Still a mill operation.
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