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Coco updates. Potty training is going great with no accidents anymore. She has learned basic commands and following them well. SHe is now 12 weeks old. She has gone on field trips to Home Depot where she is the star of the store. Everyone stopped to pet her, take pics of her with their kids, etc. Goes to the beach regularly with her daddy, parks. Its been hard to socialize her with many dogs bc there aren't a lot to choose from in my neighborhood that would be a good match. My neighbor has a very hyper boxer and I worry if he would hurt her by accident and my friend's dogs are 12 and may not be up for a hyper puppy. She plays very well with my mom's daschund but other than her, hasn't played much with other dogs. And I suspect this is part of the reason why she is so bitey with me bc she needs someone to wrestle with. I have been walking away and separating from her without responding when she gets crazy. I section her off in the kitchen. It somewhat works, a little. I am trying to get in touch with a trainer to come into my house for 1 to 2 lessons while we wait for puppy class to start in early July. I worry that starting classes at 4 1/2 months is kind of late. But it's not like we aren't' already training her bc we do work on training ourselves. Maybe the personal trainer to my house isn't necessary bc the biting is typical with golden puppies. Anyone have any ideas for puppy socialization? I don't want to take her to a dog park bc she is still in process of vaccines and I don't want to give her the bortedella vaccine just for a dog park. I wish there were "safe" meet up groups even for a small fee.

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