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I hope future searchers will find all this information useful. I wish I'd have known there was this thing call false pregnancy. Being ignorant and seeing my healthy dog run around the house winning scared the crap out of me. I immediately opened her mouth looking for foreign material, went outside looking for stool issues, called 2 vets.and reach out the all the breeders I knew. When I finally read about this condition i sigh of relief instantly went through me.

I have dealt with, and have a good relationship with, 3 breeders in my state. 1st (of Kaylee) said her dogs have never had a fp. 2nd breeder said she has only had 1 dog that had a fp and the 3rd breeder said most of her girls go through fp but they never had a scheduled spaying when in fp. Everyone is saying I should talk to someone else, Boston Dr said ask breeder and local vet, local vet said to ask Boston, all the breeders said as vet. One breeder (last one) said to ask the forums. Conclusion is.... there is no one "good" answer and just pick the answer that you feel most comfortable.

Based upon the logic of the answers here on the group I am choosing to wait until these symptoms subside. Whatever is going on in this little girls system right now needs to run its course. I will not subject her to anything else at this time.

Last question is.. how long does this symptom last? I read its about 2 weeks but would like to know from someone with first hand experience.


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