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Depends. If a breeder typically finishes their girls before breeding them, perhaps that particular girl needs some ribspring to be competitive. Or maybe she just needs to generally bulk up.
If they don't and just breed untitled girls to titled boys, they're using the stud dog to improve in theory.
Sometimes a breeder has a plan for their girls, and a litter would benefit them maturity wise. Sometimes the girl is taking a break from showing. There are tons of reasons... but if conformation titles are what you're referring to, and the breeder usually does finish their girls, they probably have a good reason that she's not finished.
If it is performance, otoh, that's different. I don't know of many reasons to not title in performance venues that pregnancy would lend a hand in. If the breeder has tail titles (after their name) on all but the one they're breeding, maybe that girl isn't focussed enough to do even a rally novice. .. if so, I would not want a puppy from her. I wouldn't imagine a pedigree full of holes (titles absent) would be attractive to a competitive person but for a pet you don't mind having no bragging rights on, it might be fine. So... best answer I have is to ask the breeder why the girl isn't titled and see if you like the answer!
PS there is more $$ invested in any kind of titles so those puppies might rightfully cost more. Or the breeder may feel the pedigree even without titles is deserving of the same cost per pup ...
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