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When we first got Denver he was on IAMs large breed puppy which is a chicken formula food. He never liked that food, he had episodes of loose stools and also had a little bit of dry skin. The vet thought that the dry skin was most likely because his crate was near a heater, it was VERY cold and dry outside as well and he was so young (2-3) months when he had the dry skin and their sebaceous glands are not fully functional then.

We moved his crate away from the heater, we switched him to PPP Large Breed Puppy at the recommendation of our vet (and this forum) and added a salmon oil supplement to his food. His skin cleared up really quickly and I have not noticed any dry skin since he was about 3.5 months old. He's 7 months now. His stools also firmed up and became regular after the food switch too! We think there was something in the IAMS food that just did not work for Denver.

We just finished the transition to PPP Sensitive Skin and Stomach and Denver is doing really well on that as well. You could transition your pup to that food as is my understanding that they can switch to adult food as early at 4 months?
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