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It was a good night last night.He fell asleep outside his crate and slept all night.The only problem is me getting back in my bed.I am sleeping on the couch.Lol.Another problem is he wants to go to bed around 11 or so when I need to go to bed around 9 .I wake up early for work.If I leave the room he wakes up.Im hopefull that he will get used to sleeping in the living room by himself.I find myself tip toeing to go to the bathroom at night.Ive heard of other Golden’s sleeping in different rooms from there owners.My boy loves to be by me.Sleeping in my room is not a option because I already have my 5 year old daughter coming in my bed in the middle of the night.We are trying to teach her also to sleep in her own bed.Sleeping in the living room is working and he is doing fine .I just need to get back in my bed eventually.Anyone dealt with a situation like this.Thanks for the feedback
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