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These birds were dizzied but had enough time to wake up and move. The hens which are supposed to hold definitely moved. Chukars tend to hold without too much problem.

Birds are held in flight pens. These are nice big pheasants and strong flyers. Plus, there are holdover pheasants on the property. One or two days in the field and they get pretty wild.

Glad you mentioned sitting on the flush. I mentioned thick goldenrod, I mean I had much trouble moving through it myself. If a dog sits in that on the flush he won't see spit, can't mark a bird. Plants are over 3 ft. tall. I would go so far as to say it is so thick the dog can't sit. Then while in the thick stuff the bird flushes, flies over a small rise and is dropped on the other side of the rise. More problems marking. This happened---it is not flat property. I can get him to sit on the whistle but why?

I once spoke to a Spaniel guy. He told me that in training you have to balance out sitting on the flush with letting the dog go. If you train to sit on the flush each time you risk teaching the dog to slow down as he gets into the stronger part of the scent cloud in anticipating a flush and sit. You then get a "soft flush" which I definitely do not want. If a bird is running I want my dog to run faster in order to force that bird to fly, giving a nice "hard flush". And I just love hunting switch grass where the birds can run but the dog gets in on the bird, forces a flush, you get cackling as the bird explodes from the switch grass. I get an adrenaline rush.

Thor can sit on flush with whistle but I don't want it for the cover I hunt. Plus when the bird flies it leaves a scent trail that the dog can follow. And do enough, you will see many birds defecate when flushed and I believe that adds to a scent trail helping the dog. So Thor has been freezing on flush but I want him to break and get the bird. This may be heresy to many reading this.

Anyway, glad you asked.

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